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Zend Optimizer

In today's modern world, the copyrighted content is something very important. When you have spent a lot of work creating a web application, but if there is no protection available, someone can easily take advantage of your work and copy your code. This is an issue, which has captured the attention of two of the main PHP developers, the creators of Zend Technologies, and that is why they have created the Zend Optimizer tool.

PHP Hosting Table of contents :

Zend Optimizer

The Zend Optimizer enables you to run Zend Guard encoded files. If you are planning to run an encoded PHP application you need a PHP hosting service that provides support for the Zend Optimizer. Without it, your Zend Guarded code cannot be executed. If the code is encoded, the visitor will be able to interpret it, but will not be able to see it.

Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard

The Zend Optimizer can only interpret the encrypted code. In order to actually encrypt it, you will have to use the Zend Guard. This application will convert all of your plain text PHP code into a new binary format, known as "Zend Intermediate Code". When encrypted, the new files will take the place of the regularly coded PHP files. The Zend Guard will also suggest if there are functions or methods, which can be excluded from the encryption process in order to provide better development time.

Zend Optimizer and PHP enhancements

The Zend Optimizer also offers PHP code execution performance enhancements. It does so by performing code optimization in order to increase execution speed without changing the code itself. Even though it runs every time your page is executed, it has little to none noticeable overhead, and can drastically improve the performance. The Zend Optimizer can speed up the code execution process with 40% to 100%.

How to check if the Zend Optimizer is installed on the server?

To check if and what version of Zend Optimizer is being used by the server you are on, you can use a phpinfo() file. This file, when opened in a browser, will display all the information and the installed modules for the PHP version your server is running. To create it, simply create a new file, named phpinfo.php, with the following content:

An example of a phpinfo.php file:


When you open the file in a web browser, look for the following lines:

This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine:
Zend Engine vX.Y.Z, Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Zend Technologies.>with Zend Optimizer vX.Y.Z, Copyright (c) 1998-2009, by Zend Technologies

If they are present, then the Zend Optimizer is present on the server and available for usage.

Zend Optimizer with NTC Hosting

Developer Hosting

Choose a PHP version
Choose a Hosting Package
50 GB Disk Space
500 GB Monthly Traffic
PHP4, PHP5 and PHP6 Support
Perl Scripting
Server Side Includes
1 PostgreSQL database
80 MB PostgreSQL Storage
10 MySQL databases
100 MB MySQL Storage

All web hosting plans provided by NTC Hosting are PHP enabled and offer support for the Zend Optimizer. This makes our services more reliable, faster and more secure. Our Zend optimized multi-core servers allow NTC Hosting to provide its clients with an environment capable of running robust, heavy web pages or dynamic web applications.

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