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Domain registration / Domain transfer

Registering a new domain name for your web hosting account, or transferring an existing one, is the first basic step of creating a successful website.

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Get your cheap domain name from NTC Hosting.

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No matter whether you wish to register a brand new domain name for your site or use your already registered domain by transferring it over to us, we'll do it all for you quickly and at minimum cost. Those services are an integrated part of our web hosting plans and you can register or transfer your domain name while setting up your web hosting account with us. No need to waste precious time dealing with other registrars - you can manage both your domains and hosting resources from one place - your NTC Hosting account.

The domain name - a necessary condition for your online success

Domain registration is a pretty necessary condition for your online success. Getting a domain for your website equals securing your easily recognizable online identity. For that purpose, your domain name must be memorable and must reflect your business name, field of activity, etc, so that your potential visitors/clients could easily find you on the Net.

Register/Transfer a domain with NTC Hosting

If you register a domain name with NTC Hosting, it will be automatically hosted in your account. If you already have a domain name registered elsewhere, and do not use any hosting services or are not happy with your existing hosting provider, you may wish to make use of the domain name transfer option that NTC Hosting offers and transfer the domain over to us, which will allow you to manage the basic website administration options (domain registration and hosting) from a single place.

search for an available domain name to register or transfer, using the 
Control Panel

Registering or transferring a domain name with NTC Hosting is a quick, simple and cost-effective process. All you need to do is simply specify the domain name that you wish to register or transfer, choose the desired TLD from a variety of extensions available and make a search request.

registering a domain name via the control panel provided by NTC Hostin

You will get the desired results almost immediately and will have the possibility to continue with the sign-up procedure - to fill the WHOIS information and complete the domain registration/transfer request. At the end of the page, don't forget to mark the checkbox: I agree with Domain Registration Terms & Domain Resolution Policy & eNom Registration Agreement. Also, it is good to consider ordering an ID protection service to protect your personal data listed in the WHOIS data of the domain.

Filling in the WHOIS information for a domain name registration

As soon as our Sales Department approves your order, your domain name will be registered or the transfer procedure - initiated. You can make use of attractive multi-year registrations or renewals to secure your ownership over your domain for a long period of time.

Also, if you transfer a domain registered with another company, it is good to point your domain to the default DNSs provided by NTC Hosting. This will allow you to host your domain in your NTC Hosting's domain hosting account during the domain transfer procedure. If you don't do that, the domain will stay inactive until the transfer procedure is finished.

Special Domain Offer

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FREE domain name registration/transfer (valid for .com, .net, .org, .info, .us or .biz TLD(s)) with our Value, Plus, Exclusive, Joomla, eLearning, 4images, WordPress plans;
Full DNS Management through the advanced Domain Manager of our multi-lingual Control Panel;
Various domain control options - WHOIS Management, ID Protection, EPP transfer key, lock/unlock status etc.
Unlimited Parked Domains - reserve an attractive domain name with us and point it to a parking page or to a real website until you are ready to use it for your own website;
Multi-year domain registration/renewal - get your domain for up to 10 years at a time;
A wide variety of domain name extensions/TLDs: generic TLDs and country-code TLDs - please check out the table displayed below;

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