Park unlimited domains for free from a web-based Domain Manager. Page templates and traffic redirection options are supported too.
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Parked Domains

We, at NTC Hosting, provide all of our client with advanced Domain manager which enables you to set your domains in to Parked status and also to apply a predefined template, or to redirect the domain to another URL.

Album-cms-blog hosting with unlimited parked domains

Domain parking represents an easy and affordable way to secure a given domain for the purposes of a future project of yours, for web traffic redirection or for sales purposes. The domain parking option is included in the price of our web hosting plans and there is not a limit with regard to the number of the parked domains in your account.

domain hosting with unlimited parked domains

Domain parking is a process where you register a domain name with us and but do not use our domain name servers. This means that if you type your domain name into a web browser you will arrive at a default page provided by NTC Hosting.

NTC Hosting offers you two options - you can either use a predefined template where you can place your own text or redirect your visitors to a completely different web address. In order to park a domain name, simply go to the Domain Manager menu and click on the icon under the Type column to set it to Floating. Then, click again in order to Park the Domain name.

how to park a domain name using the web hosting 
panel provided 
by NTC Hosting

If you choose the template option, you can select between three categories each of which offering two template types. Check the previews and then type a desired text to be displayed. To redirect your visitors, choose the web address option and fill in a URL.

For example, if you are yet to start building your website, you can use a template, which informs the visitors that the site is under construction or one that says 'coming soon'.

If you've decided to sell the domain, you can use a template that specifies the price at which it's being offered.

On the other hand, if you have a website, which works successfully, you can use the domain parking option to redirect visitors to another domain and thus redirect traffic to your website.

Customer Feedbacks

Simply Love It! Great Job, love the new panel, huge upgrade. We appreciate your service and hard work! Thanks again! Craig S.
Great new Control Panel setup. Well done! James F.
I really love the new control panel, the whole layout is much easier to navigate. The upload speed is much faster and I really enjoy the look and feel of the new site. Sincerely,
Samantha S.
The new control panel is so much better. I think this one has much more control over files and how they are controled compared to the previous one. Patrick J.
New set up works very well for me i have found it really easy to use so far once i got used to it, thanks for a great job on the upgrade. Jerry-Smith K.
Absolutely brilliant!
MUCH faster! MUCH more user-friendly! I LOVE the new control panel!
Reuben B.
Cool Upgrade !!
Thank you for the new panel..its very cool!!
The New Control Panel! I like it. It's much more professional than the previous one and easy to navigate around. I haven't spotted any errors yet. John K.
Just a short note to say that the new control panel seems easier to work with than the old one. eep up the good work. Troy J.
Love everything so far about the new Control Panel. Much more intuitive than before. K O'Neill

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Various domain control options - WHOIS Management, ID Protection, EPP transfer key, lock/unlock status etc.
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Multi-year domain registration/renewal - get your domain for up to 10 years at a time;
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