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Databases are indispensable when it comes to contemporary web applications. True - there are many personal static web pages on the Internet working without databases, but in today's dynamic information stream static pages are archaic. Dynamic content is starting to replace static content even on personal pages. When it comes to corporate business sites the presence of databases is a mandatory element.

PostgreSQL Hosting

Building a website which uses databases has many advantages. The whole content is structured, easily accessible and editable, and can be transferred or exported to another web application or a newer version of the latter. And while most of the amateur, non-professional, or open source projects use the light, quick and free MySQL databases, the professional web environments count on expensive powerful databases offering a higher level of security such as Oracle, MsSQL, Sybase. And as a free alternative to powerful corporate applications comes PostgreSQL.

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PostgreSQL's history

PostgreSQL's origins lead us back to the 1970s. Back then, at the University of Berkeley, California, a new database software was created - Ingres. This software became the foundation of other popular database solutions, such as Sybase, MsSQL and NonStop SQL. However, in 1985, the leader of the Ingres project started a new, post-Ingres project, with which he aimed to address the database problems at the time. The new project was based on the ideas used in Ingres, but not on its source code. In the following years the project was completed and several versions of the Postgre database were released. Back then, it was not based on SQL, but on the QUEL query language. The last version using the QUEL interpreter was released in 1993.

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In 1994, two Berkeley graduates converted Postgre to use the SQL interpreter instead of the QUEL one and labeled their version Postgre95. Since then, the SQL version gained huge popularity and in 1996 the project was officially renamed PostgreSQL.

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PostgreSQL was licensed under the BSD license, which allows for the product to be modified and then distributed commercially. Due to this fact, there are a lot of companies, which offer commercial distributions of the PostgreSQL software, alongside with the free version.

PostgreSQL features

Enterprises using PostgreSQL

Among the Internet community, PostgreSQL is known as the most stable and powerful open source database software available. This is why several big enterprises have adopted PostgreSQL as their database software of choice. Among them are Yahoo, Whitepages.com, the U.S. State and Labor Departments, Greenpeace, IMDB (the Internet Movie Data Base) and Skype.

PostgreSQL with NTC Hosting

Database Hosting

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NTC Hosting offers its business clients and those whose sites serve many visitors a professional PgSQL Hosting solution. Our PgSQL hosting plans allow you to create between 1 and 5 databases and to use an up to 160GB database quota.

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Postgre SQL is included in our Value, Plus and Exclusive plans and as an optional feature in the rest of our plans. If, at any point, you decide that you need additional PgSQL databases, you can always purchase more from the Add Services/Upgrades section.


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