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Simply Love It! Great Job, love the new panel, huge upgrade. We appreciate your service and hard work! Thanks again! Craig S.
Great new Control Panel setup. Well done! James F.
I really love the new control panel, the whole layout is much easier to navigate. The upload speed is much faster and I really enjoy the look and feel of the new site. Sincerely,
Samantha S.
The new control panel is so much better. I think this one has much more control over files and how they are controled compared to the previous one. Patrick J.
New set up works very well for me i have found it really easy to use so far once i got used to it, thanks for a great job on the upgrade. Jerry-Smith K.
Absolutely brilliant!
MUCH faster! MUCH more user-friendly! I LOVE the new control panel!
Reuben B.
Cool Upgrade !!
Thank you for the new panel..its very cool!!
The New Control Panel! I like it. It's much more professional than the previous one and easy to navigate around. I haven't spotted any errors yet. John K.
Just a short note to say that the new control panel seems easier to work with than the old one. eep up the good work. Troy J.
Love everything so far about the new Control Panel. Much more intuitive than before. K O'Neill

eLearningWhy Moodle?
Moodle has revolutionized the learning process, by offering an advanced and user-friendly solution for encouraging the collaborative work of students and teachers. It comes with a toolbox full of online teaching techniques that facilitate and enhance the proven teaching principles and traditional classroom activities. The philosophy behind Moodle states that through an accent on collaborative learning, students get better motivated to engage themselves in the training process.

How to get Moodle?
To set up your collaborative classroom with the help of an e-learning portal PHP script, you need to first download the script from its official website onto your computer, and then - add it to your host. Sounds simple, isn't it? However, all of these steps demand some technical knowledge, time dedication and even money (the installation of Moodle by a technician is generally estimated to cost about 65 bucks), which can be embarrassing for a person as busy as a teacher. No worries, we have a solution for you!


eLearning Hosting

Monthly Price (if paid annually) eLearning Hosting - $8.95 per month
Monthly Price (if paid monthly) $11.95 /mo
Moodle Installation FREE
Instant Account Activation
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Set-Up Fee $0.00
Service Uptime Guarantee 99.95%
Free VPN Access (5 GB)
Dropbox Backups
Assisted Website Migration
FREE Domain Registration / Transfer
Basic Features
Disk Space Unlimited
Monthly Traffic Unlimited
Popular PHP Scripts Installer
800+ Free Themes
Online Website Builder No
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited
Full DNS Management
Custom MX and A records
CNAME Records
NS Records
SRV Records
AAAA Records
TXT Records
Full WHOIS Management
Registrar Lock
EPP Transfer Protection
ID Protection Optional
Feature-rich Domain Manager
TLDs for Registration
.com FREE
.net FREE
.org FREE
.info FREE
.biz FREE
.us FREE
.ca $14.00/yr
.eu FREE $29.00/2 yrs FREE
.co $26.00/yr
.ae $35.00/yr
.qa $30.00/yr $25.00/yr
.ru FREE
.es $17.00/yr
.me $23.00/yr
.tv $28.00/yr
.pro $25.00/yr
.in $11.00/yr
.de FREE
.it $34.00/yr
.nl $17.00/yr
.fr $24.00/yr $32.00/yr
.ch $13.00/yr
.se $40.00/yr $18.00/yr
.pl $26.00/yr
.jp $55.00/yr
.name $10.00/yr
.mobi $18.00/yr
.cc $22.00/yr
.ws $17.00/yr
.be $10.00/yr $48.00/yr FREE FREE $29.00/2 yrs
.at $25.00/yr
.nu $60.00/2 yrs
.asia $15.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr
.cn $44.00/yr $44.00/yr $44.00/yr $44.00/yr
.tw $25.00/yr $25.00/yr $25.00/yr $25.00/yr
E-mail Features
POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts Unlimited
SMTP Server
Webmail - RoundCube
E-Mail Forwarding
E-Mail Aliases 1000
Auto-responder E-Mails
Catch-all e-mails
Mailing Lists Unlimited
Mailing List Members Unlimited
SPAM Filters
DomainKeys Identified Mail
SPF Protection
Anti-Virus protection
Advanced Email Manager
Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support
Phone Support
Live Chat Support
Free Videos Tutorials
Extensive Online Documentation
Integrated Ticketing System
One-Hour Ticket/E-mail Response Guarantee
Scripting, DB & Development
PHP4, PHP5 and PHP6 Support
MySQL v.5 Databases 50
MySQL Database Storage Unlimited
Perl Scripting
PostgreSQL v.8.3 Databases Optional
PostgreSQL Database Storage Optional
phpPgadmin Optional
Over 3400 Perl modules
ImageMagick & GD Library
Zend Optimizer
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
Dreamweaver MX Support
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Cron Jobs 3
SSL Certificate Generator
Popular PHP Scripts Installer

eLearning Hosting

Movable Type
Maian Events
fuzzylime (cms)
Open Realty
Help Center Live
Simple Machines Forum
OS Commerce
OS CommRes
4images Gallery
Site Management Tools
Multilingual Control Panel
SSH/Telnet Optional
FTP Accounts Unlimited
FTP Manager
File Manager
Custom Error Pages
.htaccess Generator
IP Blocking
Hot-linking Protection
Password Protected Directories
URL Redirector
Website Manager
Popularity Check
Site Statistics
Web / FTP Statistics
Access Log Manager
Error Log Viewer
MySQL / Load Stats
OS, Connectivity and Backup
Stable Linux with Apache
2.5 Gbits Network Connectivity
Daily data back-up
UPS & diesel back-up generator
Monthly price /paid annually/ eLearning Hosting - $8.95 per month
Total annual price $107.40 /yr

Why is our eLearning hosting plan a useful solution for you?
We have configured a Moodle-dedicated web hosting plan that will save you all the hassle and time related to the download, installation and management of your Moodle script. The plan comes with the latest version of the e-learning tool installed and ready for use through a teacher and student friendly Admin Panel. Besides, you get also our in-house built Control Panel, where you will be able to easily manage your domain name, e-mail, FTP settings, keep track of your e-learning portal statistics, etc. All coming with a back up guarantee of 99.9% server uptime and our 24/7 customer support service.

What extras do you get with the eLearning plan?
With the eLearning hosting plan you get much more than a regular Moodle set-up could provide. It is equipped with our one-click PHP scripts installer - a powerful tool for quick installation of about 40 different popular free PHP scripts. With this tool you will have the freedom to add another website such as blog, forum or a guestbook to your hosting plan without needing to purchase any additional resources for that reason.

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