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Domain Hosting

With all web hosting plans offered by NTC Hosting we give our clients the possibility to register, transfer and host domains and sub-domains in their web hosting accounts.

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What is a Domain Hosting Service?

The presence of a registered domain name is not enough for you to use it for your website's purposes. To be available online, your domain must point to a name server. The name server gives the DNS system information about the IP addresses and the hosts of the services offered by that domain, thus making the domain accessible online. Depending on the features provided with the domain hosting plan, you can host a single domain or multiple domains. Single domain hosting services are usually provided by domain registrars or together with personal low-cost web hosting offers. Multiple domain hosting solutions, on the other hand, come with premium business and corporate web hosting services.

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Simply Love It! Great Job, love the new panel, huge upgrade. We appreciate your service and hard work! Thanks again! Craig S.
Great new Control Panel setup. Well done! James F.
I really love the new control panel, the whole layout is much easier to navigate. The upload speed is much faster and I really enjoy the look and feel of the new site. Sincerely,
Samantha S.
The new control panel is so much better. I think this one has much more control over files and how they are controled compared to the previous one. Patrick J.
New set up works very well for me i have found it really easy to use so far once i got used to it, thanks for a great job on the upgrade. Jerry-Smith K.
Absolutely brilliant!
MUCH faster! MUCH more user-friendly! I LOVE the new control panel!
Reuben B.
Cool Upgrade !!
Thank you for the new panel..its very cool!!
The New Control Panel! I like it. It's much more professional than the previous one and easy to navigate around. I haven't spotted any errors yet. John K.
Just a short note to say that the new control panel seems easier to work with than the old one. eep up the good work. Troy J.
Love everything so far about the new Control Panel. Much more intuitive than before. K O'Neill

What Do I Need to Host a Domain?

In order to add name server settings to your domain, first you need to have a DNS hosting account. The DNS hosting service is usually provided together with your web hosting account. Once you set the web hosting account's default DNS settings to your domain and add it in the account's hosted domains list, it will become hosted in the current account and will appear online.

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What is a Quality Domain Hosting Solution?

The domain hosting service can be provided by the domain registrar together with the domain registration or transfer. You can also host your domain with another company. For example, you can use the domain hosting service provided by your web hosting provider. The quality of the domain hosting service depends on the list of features provided together with your domain hosting plan. The list of the basic features of every domain hosting plan includes an option for managing the domain's DNS settings. But the premium domain hosting providers offer their clients greater packages with more features. Such service is the domain forwarding which can be established by pointing the domain's CNAME Record to another host, or by setting a different IP for the domain's DNS Host Record settings. Other domain hosting services provided by premium hosting providers are: the ID Protection service, the Parked Domains and the complete DNS Management options.

NTC Hosting's Domain Hosting Offer

NTC Hosting offers its clients domain registration and hosting at promotional prices. The maximum number of domains you can host depends on the web hosting plan you have selected. With the Value, Plus, Exclusive, Joomla, eLearning, WordPress, and 4images hosting plans you get a bonus - free domain registration of .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, .INFO and .US TLD's.**

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There are many features that contribute to the quality of our Domain Hosting offer. Our Domain Manager offers a full WHOIS management option, easy editing of the NS records, Parked domains and ID protection options. Also available is the full DNS management option, which comes with a Custom MX and A records editor.

The domain hosting service offered by NTC Hosting also has an advanced notification system, which notifies you in case your domain is about to expire, and offers an integrated renewal option, domain registration and transfer options. In addition to the security offered by the Registrar Lock and EPP Transfer Protection options, you can easily add ID protection and also change the status of your domain to 'Parked Domain' if the need arises.

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