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Platinum 1 Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are searching for a dynamic and capable web hosting solution for your websites, you must have been bombarded with things like unlimited traffic, huge amounts of storage and FTP, SSL etc.

But how much info have you seen when it comes to customer support, network uptime, and free software?

You might have an idea about what your website will look like but you also need to know what you should expect from your host.

1st A low price
2nd Stability performance
3rd Software

The wide range of dedicated servers from NTC hosting gives you a cost effective solution for your hosting needs, because you can select a plan with the right amount of resources for you.

A 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support and network monitoring is essential for both business and personal websites.

No one wants to be left waiting until 09:00 AM the next business day to get a question about their server answered.

Also, at our data centers - server functionality and security is monitored round the clock.

Your site performance can be viewed as a reflection of the resources your server has and how much of it you can access for your website.

Remember, with a dedicated server you should have 100% of the server, anything less and it's not a true dedicated server hosting plan.

NTC Hosting also gives you free software to help set up, control and manage all your websites.

The NTC Hosting's Platinum 1 dedicated server gives you the resources, customer service, but most importantly, the overall quality that your demanding and complex websites need, and at a price that puts a dedicated server within the reach of almost everyone.

So, take a look now at what our Platinum 1 dedicated server gives you, and what our other plans have to offer, then choose the right one for you.

Signing up is quick and simple - you'll be glad you did. So sign up now.