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Welcome to the NTC Hosting Encyclopedia - an ever-growing, regularly updated and conveniently categorized web hosting knowledge database, presented to the attention of all Internet users in a readable and friendly manner. Whether you need to learn the basics of DNS (the Domain Name System), or to simply check out the registration requirements for a TLD (Top-level Domain) you are interested in - this is the right place to visit. Here you will also find all you need to know about email, databases and the variety of web hosting services available online. All in all, our Encyclopedia will be your guide in exploring the secrets of the World Wide Web and hence - of your actual or future online presence.

Domain Terminology

14 Articles

This section of our encyclopedia offers detailed and very useful information about the most popular generic and country-code TLDs (top-level domains) available on the Internet today. Simply choose the TLD you are interested in and get its full profile, including its registry's name, official website, registration requirements, the domain management options it supports and many more.

Hosting Terminology

64 Articles

Learn more about the multi-sided nature of web hosting. All basic services supporting your individual or business online presence fall into this key category of global Internet services. Here you find detailed articles about email hosting, PHP hosting, e-commerce hosting, MySQL hosting, PostgreSQL hosting, etc.

Database Terminology

26 Articles

Databases lie in the basis of all contemporary content-driven websites and this section will give you information about the most widely used databases on the Web today - MySQL and PostgreSQL. Learn how to create databases, database users and tables with both database software types and find out more about their management tools - phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin.

Email Terminology

15 Articles

Check out our rich database of email-related pages to easily become an email expert. Here you can find out the difference between using email clients and webmail services, as well as what POP3, IMAP and SMTP servers refer to. You will learn how to set up your email and will get acquainted with crucial email services like email forwarding, SPF protection, anti-virus protection, etc.

DNS Terminology

33 Articles

Dig into the basics of the Domain Name System, more popular as DNS, giving us the chance to surf through the Internet using the user-friendly names of websites (domain names) instead of their original numeric system names (IP addresses). Learn more about the DNS server, the DNS set-up procedure, the types of DNS settings, Custom DNS Records, DNS tools and many more.

Video Tutorials

113 Articles

This section contains an ever-expanding collection of flash video tutorials focused on the basic web hosting operations you will need to perform while managing your websites. See how to navigate through your web hosting Control Panel, how to add, remove and manage databases, domains, DNS records, e-mail and FTP accounts, how to view you web hosting statistics, how to set up various software, etc. Find a video response to any question you may have while managing the hosting side of your web presence.

Scripting Terminology

29 Articles

This encyclopedia section contains useful information about some of the most popular web scripting languages. You will learn more about PHP, Perl, Python and understand how the different languages interact with the web servers and the databases. You will get acquainted also with some of the available for those languages modules and libraries.


8 Articles

Frameworks are development platforms aimed at helping programmers easily integrate and manage code resources, and quickly build complex applications. The framework software packages provide support for code libraries and various scripting languages. There are frameworks for various programming languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and many others.

FTP Terminology

19 Articles

Take an informative journey through the basics of FTP, an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol, a network protocol engaged in allowing the transfer of various data between personal computers and host servers over the Internet. Get yourself acquainted with the multiple useful functionalities of FTP and learn more about the most widely used FTP clients available online.

Multimedia Terminology

19 Articles

Multimedia files are featured in a growing percentage of the websites presented on the World Wide Web today. Apart from being informative, their main purpose is to make websites eye-catching and entertaining. Multimedia in general refers to all types of media files, including text, graphics, animation, audio, video, etc., integrated into a website's layout. This section will give you details about the separate media file formats (JPG, GIF, TIFF, MP3, AVI, etc. ), what they are used for and what techniques are adopted for presenting them on the web.

Internet Terminology

15 Articles

This section will shed light on the fundamental terms used in the context of the Internet. Each term explicated here is a key component of the Internet system and gaining a good understanding of what exactly it represents will help you optimize your web experience. Here you will get to know more about the history of the Internet, what website files refer to, the role of URLs for identifying the web pages and programs online, and generally – everything you need to be aware of as far as the Internet is concerned.

Web Design Terminology

10 Articles

This section of our encyclopedia, contains reviews about some of the most popular web design applications on the web, including Adobe’s Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash. Also here you will also find here useful information on how to progect, design abd create a professional and successful website, how to design a logo, banner and other web site elements.