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Dedicated Server

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server refers to a dedicated web hosting service where the client leases the entire server and does not share its resources with anyone else. The main benefit of the dedicated server hosting solution over the shared one is its power and flexibility. With the dedicated hosting service the clients get total independence and can fully manage their online presence.

The dedicated server hosting cost is much smaller compared to the resources you need for setting up and running your own server machine in a hosting data center. The client has the flexibility to choose an inexpensive server platform which fits their current needs and to upgrade to a more powerful hardware/software solution when it's needed. Also, the clients can choose the server's operating system and the software packages to be installed. They have full root or administrator access to the server over an SSH connection and can administrate it without paying additional fees for a server management service.

Managed dedicated server hosting

The managed dedicated server hosting services differ with the different providers. In most cases, dedicated server management refers to performing monitoring, administrative and system management tasks, or other operations requested by the client.

The managed services usually cost an additional fee. They can be paid on a monthly basis as a subscription to a specific set of services, which includes server monitoring provided by a professional technician.

Popular services provided with the managed service packages include applying updates to the operating system, antivirus, firewall and the other installed applications. Other popular services also include technical support, DDoS protection, backups and restoration, load balancing, user management, database management, software installation and configuration.