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Semi-dedicated Server Hosting

Have you seen server limit reached, and other similar messages when searching on the web?

If you did and you were a first time visitor to the site, did you return later for another look? Probably not.

So, if it was a business or shopping site this sort of thing could be a disaster for the companies' business.

When faced with this situation with your website what are your choices?

You could get a low-cost semi-dedicated hosting solution, or move to a dedicated server.

Let's check out the less expensive first option.

On a semi-dedicated server you are sharing the server with just a few users, instead of hundreds of users like on a regular shared web hosting server.

This means you have more resources for your sites like disk space for storing your files, monthly traffic for receiving visitors and processing power (CPU) for running your complex applications.

So, how do you get your semi-dedicated server? I'm sure your thinking that it involves a lot of technical work and skill to get the server up and running. Well, actually no!

At NTC Hosting, getting a semi-dedicated server is just getting a regular shared web hosting account.

You simply select your plan, choosing from our two configurations - the Master and the Pioneer plan.

Each plan includes our user-friendly Web Hosting Control Panel, to help you manage your web presence with simple point and click actions.

Both our semi-dedicated plans offer unlimited disk space and monthly traffic quotas and give you much higher levels of CPU than you could find on a regular shared server.

Also, you will get a high amount of database queries, so you could run more advanced and resource consuming applications on your hosting account.

The in-house built, multi-lingual Control Panel, included with both plans, offers many site management tools like a fully featured Domain Manager, an advanced Email Manager, an easy-to-use FTP Manager, and many other options that you can find in the features tables on our site.

With each server package, you also get amazing free bonuses integrated into the Control Panel, like our PHP Scripts Installer and the web-based Site Studio website builder.

At NTC Hosting, we make managing your semi-dedicated server just as easy as managing your sites from a regular hosting account.

There are no setup fees for your server and it will be active and ready for use within a maximum of one hour after signup.

Your server will be backed up by our 99.9% server uptime guarantee and you could rely on our 24/7 support via email and ticketing system.

Your website will be nothing without resources it needs to keep-up with traffic and visitors demands.

With NTC Hosting, you are assured of having everything you need, at a very affordable price. So sign up today.