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Encyclopedia: Hosting Terminology

On the World Wide Web scene it's all about web hosting. The web is the large virtual space accommodating our websites and handling the exchange of email between different recipients. On the whole, thanks to the multi-sided nature of the web hosting services today we can all reside in a parallel virtual world offering endless social and business opportunities. The 'Web Hosting' section of our NTC Hosting Encyclopedia is aimed at giving you an overall idea of what hosting is really about.

Domain Hosting

Running an online presence with your own domain would be unthinkable without using web hosting services. After getting a domain name, website owners will need to host it on a server, pointing it to a certain IP address, to make their web pages accessible online.

Multiple Domain Hosting

Hosting multiple independent websites under their own domain names within a single account managed through one master Control Panel, offers website owners ease of use and extreme convenience in controlling their overall multi-sided online presence.

Unlimited Domains Hosting

Enabling website owners to host unlimited domains and subdomains within one single hosting account and manage them through separate FTP, email and database options, this service is one the indications of the huge progress that the Internet has made recently.

E-mail Hosting

This service gives users the opportunity to set up email accounts using the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols and have full control over their settings through an email management interface allowing them to set e-mail filters, anti-spam protection, catch-all emails, mailing lists, auto-responders, etc.

MySQL Hosting

The MySQL Hosting service empowers users to create and manage content-driven, dynamic websites within a secure environment, complemented by advanced access permissions and easy management through the popular PHPMyAdmin web database manager.

PostgreSQL Hosting

With a PostgreSQL hosting service enabled by their host, users can easily manage websites and applications based on the advanced PostgreSQL databases. This backs up their online presence with guarantees for high levels of security and stability.

PHP Hosting

The combination between well-written PHP, one of the most widely used programming languages on the World Wide Web, and a reliable web hosting service is a key to the maximum performance and non-interruptible functioning of dynamic data-driven websites.

Perl Hosting

Perl hosting allows you to run a perl scripts from your web hosting account. Also all Perl hosting enabled accounds provides a 1000 of perl modules and free scripts supported by Perl's community.

eCommerce Hosting

Finding a reliable e-commerce hosting service is the first thing e-shop owners should do when starting their online business. The more e-commerce optimized the hosting service is, the more secure, professional looking and successful the online store will be.

FTP Hosting

This aspect of the web hosting service refers to the necessity for users to have hosting accounts set up with a particular host and personal FTP accounts assigned to them so that they could make use of the File Transfer Protocol.


Being one of the most multi-sided terms on the Internet, 'host' is used in a variety of contexts. It is very popular in networking and mainframe computer environments. However, its most widely known use is in the field of the web hosting services.


The Apache web server represents an open-source web server platform lying at the basis of most websites we see today on the World Wide Web. Introduced in mid 90's, Apache has gradually turned into a standard for the development of other successful web server platforms.

Set-Up Fee

Web hosting set-up fee is a charge that customers need to cover to have their hosting account installed for a certain period of time. You can avoid this charge by looking for a host that offers a no set-fee service.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back-guarantee period ensures that users have certain time at hand to test the web hosting services they purchase and request a refund in case they are not satisfied with the delivered quality results.

Error Log Viewer

The Error Log Viewer tool ensures a very efficient method for keeping track of all errors and inconsistencies on your site, by storing them in special error log files and presenting them in a user-friendly statistics interface.

Access Log Manager

The Access Log Manager tool integrated into your Control Panel allows you to check the access log files for your website, which contain useful marketing information about your visitors.

File Manager

The File Manager represents a web-based interface for performing file manipulation operations such as creating, editing, moving, copying, deleting, printing files and even changing file permissions.

IP Blocking

With an IP Blocking tool in action you can prevent certain IP addresses and even whole IP address ranges from making unsolicited connections to your website. This way you can control the access to your website according to your particular requirements.

Popularity Check Tool

The popularity check tool gives you comprehensive information about the incoming links to your website. You can find out which exact websites link to your pages and check your current page rank.

Traffic Stats Tool

The Traffic stats tool allows you to monitor the traffic stream on your website 24/7/365 and take control of its fluctuations, so you can ensure the stability of your website performance.

Email Manager

The Email Manager tool ensures a user-friendly interface for administering all aspects of your emailing activity such as creating new email accounts, setting SPF protection, using webmail, etc.

Domain Manager

A web hosting Control Panel integrated tool, allowing you to manage all settings of your domains, including DNS records, WHOIS details, ID protection, registration period, and many more.

Subdomain Manager

This is one of the key tools integrated into the web hosting Control Panel offered by hosts. It ensures a full set of subdomain management options such as creating new subdomains, setting custom error pages for them, etc.

Web Hosting Account

The web hosting account allows website owners to make use of all services they need to run a successful web presence, including domain, email and FTP management options, etc.


In the context of web hosting users who need more server resources to operate online are recommended to search for hosts that offer multiple features in one single package.

Data Center

The Data Center is a specialized facility providing the technical infrastructure and physical conditions for a web hosting server to be operating smoothly and safely.


The collocation service allows for users to position their own server hardware in a specialized data center that provides the necessary Internet connection and power supply for the server to operate uninterruptedly.

Virtual Private Servers

The Virtual Private Server hosting service gives users nearly all the freedom in managing a dedicated hosting service. In contrast to the dedicated solution, the VPS Hosting service allows users to share the cost of the server maintenance, which makes it less expensive.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server refers to a dedicated web hosting service where the client leases an entire server and does not share its resources with anyone else. The main benefit of the dedicated server hosting solution over the shared one is its power and flexibility.

Web Hosting

The Web Hosting services allows you to setup and run your web site with your own domain. Once you have a registred domain name, you need to host it on a server and to pointing it to a certain IP address, then you need to upload you website content on the server to make your web pages accessible online.

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

The Microsoft FrontPage server extensions allow you to set up a connection between your Microsoft FrontPage application and the respective server. After that you can automatically upload, update and dynamically modify your website using the FrontPage software on your personal or office computer.

Dreamweaver Compatibility

Setting up an FTP connection between the Adobe Dreamweaver application on your PC and the respective Dreamweaver host will allow you to dynamically modify, edit and update your websites. You can upload new documents directly on the server and entirely remove files, folders and whole projects using the Dreamweaver software on your computer.

Disk Space

This is the allowed volume of the files hosted on a single server or on a cluster of servers. It's also known as data storage, server space, storage space, storage size, and data space.

Bandwidth Limit

Data Transfer (also known as file transfer or monthly traffic) represents all the information downloaded from your website. Bandwidth is the channel connection used for the transfer of the data from your website to your visitors' computers.

Cron Jobs

The Cron Job (from 'chronograph') is an automatic daemon process run continuously in the background. It allows certain scripts to be performed at certain intervals.

SSL Certificate Generator

The SSL Certificate Generator comes absolutely free of charge with every web hosting account with NTC Hosting. It will help you to automatically activate an encrypted connection for your website.

.htaccess Generator

The .htaccess Generator Tool will help you to quickly and, above all - easily, set different access restrictions and error pages, re-write web page URLs, set up Hotlink Protection, specify additional MIME types. It offers many more useful functions.

Hotlink Protection

Hotlinking means the direct linking of someone else's website to your website's files. The abusers will most likely try to link to your images and, because of this, your traffic resources will begin to dry out without your involvement or knowledge. Hotlink protection means that nobody can steal your traffic resources by directly linking to your files and forcing you to pay his/her website's bills as a consequence.

Stable Linux with Apache

Stable Linux plus the Apache web server is a very popular combination used on more than two thirds of the Internet servers that host web sites and web pages. The use of an Apache server under a Debian Linux OS makes the MySQL/PgSQL and PHP hosting solutions highly effective.

SSI - Server Side Includes

The Server Side Includes is a simple server-side scripting language used for including the contents of one or more files into another file located on the server.


Created as a UNIX-based operating system under the GNU licence two decades ago, Linux is today used by millions of people online. It is intended for use as both a desktop operating system and a server platform, setting high standards in the field of the open-source technologies.

Fedora OS

Fedora is a free Linux-based operating system, representing an innovative concept in the distribution of open-source software solutions. It places emphasis on the supporting community as a key factor for keeping the Fedora software up-to-date and compatible with other Linux distributions.

Integrated Ticketing System

The integrated ticketing system is considered the most efficient support method for providing quick and helpful web hosting customer service. It is especially useful for resolving technical issues that require an exchange of detailed information between the user and the technical team of the host.

Support Response Guarantee

1-Hour Support Response Guarantee is the estimated optimal average time span for the support team of a web hosting company to give a response back to a customer's request sent via email or a ticketing system.

99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee

Hosts offering a 99.9% service uptime guarantee are expected to make sure that their hosting services are available online within 99.9% of the customers' subscription time with them.

Web Hosting Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are an established method of illustrating the way specific web hosting services work. A movie can teach you various things from registering a domain to creating an email address.

Extensive Online Documentation

The online documentation in the form of detailed reading materials is one of the basic methods for hosts to provide helpful services information to their readers.

24/7 Customer Support

Most hosting providers offer a 24/7 support service to their customers by means of various support options, including online documentation, video tutorials, live chat, integrated ticketing system, phone support service, etc.

Phone Support

The phone support service offered by your hosting provider allows you to get in touch with the host's support team and ask for real time assistance or just get valuable pre-sale information.

Live Chat Support

The live support service offered by your host allows you to contact its support team in real time and chat on any pre-sale topics related to its services or ask for assistance in managing your web presence.

Custom Error Pages

The ability to create users is a basic part of the MySQL database management process and is usually executed through the MySQL command line, requiring that certain privileges be assigned to the website administrator.

Password Protected Directories

With a password protection service enabled for your site you can grant authorized access to any of the site pages to certain users only. This service would be necessary in case you do not want to share your site contents with all global web users.

URL Redirection

You can use URL redirection to point your domains or subdomains to certain web addresses (URLs) in order to automatically inform all users linking to them of that address change.

Daily Data Backup

The daily backup service is one of the crucial web hosting features, ensuring a precise recovery of your website contents in the event of accidental data losses, caused by electrical breakdown, virus attack, etc.

UPS & Diesel Backup Generators

The UPS and diesel backup generators are used to ensure electricity supply to web hosting companies in the event of power outages in their data centers.

2.5-GBIT Network Connectivity

The 2.5-Gbit Network Connectivity ensures that the server where your websites are located have a speedy connection to the Internet, which in turn determines the quick and smooth performance of your web services.


The Plesk Control Panel offers shared hosting providers and businesses a fully featured platform for automating their daily server operations.


The cPanel provides regular shared hosting users, hosting resellers or dedicated server/VPS users with a fully featured platform for managing their overall web presence.

Shared Hosting Server

The Shared Hosting service allows you to share the cost of maintaining a web hosting server with other users. This makes it the most economic hosting option for the majority of users on the web. Shared hosting packages are suitable for personal, company and business websites, as well as for e-commerce stores.

Hosting Server

The hosting server is a server machine which is dedicated to providing web hosting services. It allows you to set up and run your website with your own domain.