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Encyclopedia: Domain Terminology

The variety of domain name services available on the Internet today is one of the key factors to building a successful and reliable personal or business online presence, no matter where you are located or what your occupation is. Our 'Domains' section of the NTC Hosting Encyclopedia will be your useful guide to the world of domain names, including the basic domain features and the wide range of generic and country-code top-level domains available for registration or transfer to everyone.

Basic Domain Name Services

What is a Domain?

The domain represents both the web address of your website and the name your site visitors will use to refer to your website. Check our more about what a domain refers to.

Domain Registration/Transfer

Learn what the domain registration and domain transfer services are exactly about and check out the ways to get a unique, brand new low-cost domain for your website, or how to transfer your existing one to a new registrar.

Free Domain Registration

Check out the attractive free-domain-hosting opportunities for managing a stable and successful online presence that the Web could offer to both individuals and companies seeking online presence today.

Custom MX and A Records

Having control over the A and MX Records of a domain name through a DNS management interface, domain owners can easily point their hosts and emails, respectively, to an IP address and mail server of their choice.

Registrar Lock

With a registrar-lock option enabled for your domain you can avoid any unauthorized transfer of your domain and any accidental changes to its current settings. It is either set by default or after the domain is registered.

How to choose a domain name

Check out how to choose a good domain name for your website. Also learn what a domain name is used for and how exactly it works to make your website appear online.

Top level domain - TLD

The TLD (short for Top-level Domain) is a key element of your website address and is one of the key factors in shaping the image and boosting the popularity of your online presence.


Subdomains help organizations and companies to better organize their website contents in accordance with their hierarchy or structure of products and services offered.

Parked Domains

Through this powerful service users can secure an attractive domain name for use at a later time and point it to a custom pre-defined page or to a real website until their own website is ready to go online.

WHOIS Information

WHOIS is an easily acessible domain name information database, which contains important details about the person or organization, owning the domain. The Whois information for a certain doman can be retrieved using various Whois tools.

Whois Privacy protection

With IP protection enabled domain owners can mask their personal/company details listed by default in the WHOIS of their domains. They can now rest calm that their private information will be protected against any type of online/offline abuse.

EPP Transfer Protection

The EPP key is used by domain registrars to protect domains against unsolicited transfer attempts. It represents a randomly generated unique combination of characters, familiar to the domain registrar and the registrant only.

Register multiple domains

Registering multiple domains is a smart investment that may bring you really good profits in future. Check out the ways for obtaining and managing multiple domain names in one account.

Generic Top-level Domains (gTLDs)


Originally designed to serve commercially oriented websites, the .COM top-level domain is today the top-choice domain extension on the Internet for both business and personal websites.


Initially intended for use by network providers and Internet-oriented organizations, the .NET top-level domain has become one of the most preferred domain extensions on the World Wide Web today.


This is the first domain officially assigned to online-presented non-commercial entities, which is currently widely used for the websites of both individuals and non-profit organizations.


.MOBI domains ensure a standardized format for accessing websites and online applications through mobile devices such as cell phones and PDAs.


.WEBSITE domain extenstion is good choice for any company, organization or individual who want to get online identity.


In a world where information rules, the .INFO domain has turned into a universal and much preferred choice for content-loaded websites. Be INFOrmative online with an .INFO domain for your public online presence.


As the phonetic spelling of the first syllable of 'business' implies, the .BIZ domain is created to serve business websites exclusively. However, it is open for registration without any particular legal restrictions.


Being the only TLD originally created as a top-level domain for individuals, .NAME is recommended for websites bearing real or fictional personal names, nicknames, or pseudonyms and also as a natural address for Digital Identity applications.


The .PRO top-level domain will create an image of proficiency and credibility for your business site. It is open for registration to all companies with a business license, for a period of 1-10 years.


.TV domains are ideal for professional, personal or business sites.

Country-code Top-level Domains (ccTLDs)


As a regional top-level domain for the Asia-Pacific zone, .ASIA is intended exclusively for organizations and citizens based within the extended geographic region of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.


One of the most preferred domain extensions on the English-speaking domain market will help you make your way to the hearts and pockets of your Australian customers and site visitors. It can be registered for 2 years only.


This top-level domain is a good alternative to the popular .NET domain, offering much more popularity credits for all entities related to Australia. It can be registered for a period of 2 years only.


If you wish to reach a specific audience of Australians or want your business to be expanded in Australia, .ORG.AU domains are definitely the perfect choice. .ORG.AU domains are rezerved for associations and non-profit organisations.


The official country-code top-level domain for Austria, the universal syntax of which has made it a widely preferred choice for domain names that represent popular 'at' idioms.


Although known as a country-code TLD for Belgium, .BE is actually wide open for registration, without any restrictions. Give a personal feel to your website name to address your site visitors more directly.


Now all citizens and residents of Canada, legally recognized Canadian organizations and foreign residents of Canada who are trademark holders can have their 'canadized' global web presence with the .CA top-level domain.


Curious to know more about the currently most popular country-code top-level domain on the planet? Here you can find out what is indeed so special about .CN domains.


The most popular .CN domain extension is a symbol of the booming Chinese market, giving both domestic and foreign companies the opportunity to build online credibility with consumers and businesses in China.


Intended for serving the websites of the various Chinese domestic and foreign non-profit organizations, the .ORG.CN domain marks the penetration of the Internet culture into the otherwise conservative Chinese society.


The .CN domain extension designed to serve the websites of Internet oriented entities as well as of those interested in gaining recognition among the rapidly increasing Chinese Internet audience.


Officially assigned to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands as their country code top-level domain, .CC is today one of the most desired domain name extensions on the Internet, because of its acronym-like syntax.


This is the new killer top-level domain on the web. Grab your new hot .COM alternative for 1-5 years and secure your high search engine rankings with a popular and easy to remember domain extension.


The .EU domain is a recommended choice for individuals, organizations or businesses searching for a good online visibility on the European economic, political or cultural scene.


The country-code top-level domain for the Federal Republic of Germany is currently one of the most popular domain name extensions on the Internet today. Curious to know why?


The official country-code top-level domain for India is also accessible to all entities seeking the image of INdependence, INcredibility and IN-depth experience in the secrets of the web.


Introduced as the official Internet country code for Italy, the .IT domain was quickly recognized as a perfect medium for conveying ad messages to the Internet audience.


The official country-code top-level domain for Japan. It is open for 1-year registration to any business or private entity with a valid permanent contact address and phone number in Japan.


Initially introduced as a country-code top-level domain for the Republic of Montenegro, the .ME extension quickly became the most preferred choice for personal websites due to its appetizing syntax for the English-speaking users.


The official domain name for South Africa is a sure way to rank high in the local searches. The domain is open for registration to any individual, organization or company for a period of 1 year.


.MX domain extension is ideal choice to demonstrate your personal or business interest in Mexico.


.RU domain name is official top level domain of Russia. It is appropriate for individuals or companies that have a connection with Russia.


.PL domain is great choice if you want to show your connection to Poland as a private or business person.


The official top-level domain name for Spain is one of the most popular country-code extensions, which serves the whole Spanish-speaking community. It is open for registration to everyone for 1-5 years.


.SE is the official domain extension for Sweden and is open for registration to any company, organization or individual with economic, political or cultural relations to Sweden. The domain can be registered for 1 year only.


Introduced as the official Internet country code top-level domain for the tiny island country of Tuvalu .TV is today a preferred domain name for rich media content websites due to its television-relates syntax.


If you are searching for an online recognition among the Taiwanese Internet audience through your website, then the .TW domain is just for you. .TW domains are wide open for registration to anyone, with no specific country restrictions set by the .TW registry.


With the fast-developing Taiwanese market, .COM.TW has become a preferred choice for local entities and international businesses or commercial organizations presented in Taiwan.


This second-level .TW domain has been created for all non-profit organizations - Taiwanese or foreign, which have been established in accordance with the laws of Taiwan.


All Taiwanese citizens and permanent or temporary foreign residents of Taiwan are welcome to increase their online credibility with an .IDV.TW registration for their personal websites.


Qualified by its registry as the new way to say Mexico in the language of the Internet the .COM.MX domain is intended for Mexico-related commercial websites of both domestic and foreign business entities.


The first ccTLD ever introduced to the web. The .NL domain is open for a 1-year registration to any business or private entity with a valid contact address and phone number in the Netherlands.


Owning a .CO.NZ domain is recommended as a way for securing an online business name in New Zealand and reaching a front position in the local search results.


.NET.NZ domains are unrestricted, which means that registrations are open to everyone. With .NET.NZ domain extension you can protect your New Zealand brand.


.ORG.NZ domain names are perfect for any New Zealand-based organization.


Originally born as the top-level domain of the Polynesian island of Niue, the.NU domain has been noisily marketed among the Internet audience as the new-generation TLD choice due to its phonetic similarity with the word ‘new’.


Dedicated to all US related entities, the .US domain is perfect for both citizens, residents, or organizations originating from the United States and foreign entities presented in the United States.


As a country-code top-level domain name for the United Kingdom, .CO.UK can be registered by .UK related entities (citizens, residents, or organizations) and can be used for both commercial and general purposes.


The second most popular .UK second-level domain, intended for registration by UK related non-commercial entities, including citizens, residents, or non-profit organizations registered in the United Kingdom.


With the introduction of this second-level .UK domain name all citizens and residents of the United Kingdom get the unique chance to have their own identity-driven Internet presence.


.UK is the new British domain extension. It is easier to remember and type than co.uk and it is a perfect choice for anybody in the UK.


Formally assigned to the Island Republic of Western Samoa, .WS is in practice known as an alternative to generic domains since its syntax fits the acronym for s 'Web Site'.


.QA is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Qatar.


The domain name .AE is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet for the United Arab Emirates. The .AE domain name presents a great opportunity for local and international companies wanting to represent their business in United Arab Emirates.


.PH domain names are good choice for anyone who wants to reach the growing number of Internet users in Philippines.


.CH domain extension is for Switzerland and it is mainly used by individuals and businesses there.