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Register .CO.IL Domain Names

.CO.IL is the official country code for Israel - a geographically and culturally diverse country in the Middle East, along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is defined as a Jewish and Democratic State and this is something that should not be overlooked when considering this TLD for your websites.

As a country-specific domain extension, .CO.IL will have some advantages over the more generic .COM or .NET. For example, people often want to deal with a domestic website, because they feel it gives them better security. Also culturally, a local site will connect with the target market better than a global feel site.

Another advantage to the new TLD is that is includes an edit Whois details option and other domain control options like Status Alerts, an Edit name servers option, Custom DNS records, and more.

If you order this TLD with a web hosting plan, we will also include many additional site management features.

You can also buy this TLD on its own, with a free Domain Manager included, and park it until your website is ready, using our unlimited parked domains service.

You can get your .CO.IL domain now for 1-9 years, before someone else does. Within this region of the world, a .CO.IL TLD is likely to be more popular and regarded better than the more generic TLDs like .COM and .NET, making it a much better choice.

With an easy to use point & click Control Panel, website builder tools and more, NTC Hosting can provide you with everything you need for your Israeli and other websites now and in the future.