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Register .FR Domain Names

.FR is the official TLD for France, a large European country and a major part of the European Union. France has a huge and diverse population, and as many people prefer to use a domestic website, .FR will connect you to a huge customer base that will be looking for the .FR site extension in their online searches.

One of the advantages of this country specific TLD is that you no longer need to be in France to register it. In fact, any EU-based individual or organization can register this domain from us right now.

A TLD like .FR will instantly tell your site visitors where your site is connected to, whether it is a business, personal or charity site, associated with France. The .FR top-level domain will not only make this connection but it could also give you more choice than .COM or .NET.

.FR can be registered for 1 year at a time and the process is instant - once your order is checked and verified, you will be ready to go. Of course, we will notify you when it's time to renew, so you don't need to worry about losing your domain name. En edit Whois details option as also available with this domain extension.

If you just want the domain without a web hosting plan, you can take a look at our domain-only service - the free Domain Manager plan, which includes a range of domain control features. You can also get the domain you want and then park it until your website is ready using our unlimited parked domains service.

NTC Hosting can provide you with the .FR top-level domain name almost instantly, giving you everything you need for your French websites at an affordable price.