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A Data Center in AU

The Amaze data center located in downtown Sydney is one of the biggest data centers in Sydney and perhaps the one with the best support team. Its great peering network means that it’s a great place for all Australia-targeted websites.

Hosting Services

The Amaze data center has a large peering network, which means excellent connectivity throughout the whole of the Australian continent, making it an excellent choice for a cloud web hosting account or a VPS server hosting account.

A Fully Redundant Network

The Amaze data center has access to multiple telecommunication providers, as well as to carrier-neutral facilities. It has very well developed network peering relationships with other data centers both in Australia and in the rest of the world.

Backup Power

The data center has a stand-alone diesel generator, which will power all the servers and cooling equipment housed there in case of a power outage. Our custom cloud backup system will ensure that your website remains online no matter what happens.

Monitoring & Security

The data center is staffed 24/7 by an experienced technical team and boasts some of the best and fastest data center support engineers in Sydney and our experience with them has only proven that. All data center levels are under constant video surveillance. Access to the server racks is controlled using a mantrap.

Well-maintained & Reliable Servers

Our Amaze data center server network consists of several main production servers, backup servers, as well as administrative and spare servers.

Web Hosting Plans in Australia

Cloud Web Hosting Services
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
1 Free Domain Registration
No Set-Up Fee
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
from $ 4.95 /month
Application Hosting Services
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
1 Free Domain Registration
5 GB VPN Traffic
FREE Website Templates
from $ 5.95 /month
Virtual Private Servers
20GB Disk Space
1TB Traffic
1 CPU Core(s)
1 IP Address(es)
from $ 6.00 /month
Hybrid Semi-Dedicated Hosting
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
1 CPU Core(s)
99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee
30 Day Free Trial
from $ 35.95 /month