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FTP Hosting

What is an FTP Hosting Service?

FTP (short for File Transfer Protocol) is the amazing functionality of the Internet, which supports the exchange of files between machines. As a network protocol, FTP enables all Internet users to publish their website files online by opening a direct connection between their local computers and the server where the website will be hosted.

To establish an FTP connection users need to have an FTP client installed on their computers and an account on a hosting server (FTP hosting service) where their website files will be located, i.e. will be transferred from their PC over to the server. To initiate the connection through an FTP client, users need to know the name address of the FTP server and the secure login credentials for accessing that server, usually assigned to them at sign-up by their particular hosting service provider.

How to Create an FTP Hosting Account

In order to create an FTP web hosting account the customers need administration access to their FTP server. Most web hosting companies do not allow their customers to access directly the FTP server's settings, because this can make the server vulnerable to attack. That's why all modern companies offer FTP manager tools which help their clients to create FTP hosting accounts for their hosted domains, to manage their accounts' passwords, and to list their FTP servers' details. The FTP manager tools allow the clients to create FTP accounts using a graphic user environment. This also gives them the chance to have their FTP credentials presented in an easy-to-read manner in order to assist them in setting up their FTP client software.

The web hosting services offered by NTC Hosting have been optimized to ensure fast and accurate use of FTP from any Internet connected computer in the world. With each plan configuration users will get a set of crucial FTP hosting features such as an FTP host address, default log-in credentials and the possibility to create extra independent FTP accounts via a special FTP Manager integrated in the Control Panel.