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Web Server

What is a web server?

The web Server refers to a server machine which runs web hosting software and provides a website hosting service. The term "web server" also refers to the software package responsible for the web hosting service itself. Such software packages are the open-source Apache Web Server and Microsoft's ISS package. There are also many other free and commercial web server packages, but these two are the most popular and widely distributed solutions.

How does the web server work?

The web server software is a program responsible for accepting HTTP requests from clients and sending back HTTP responses. By typing the requested URL in the web browser's address bar or by clicking on a hyperlink the client makes a request. Then the web server software captures the HTTP request and uses the connection opened by the client's web browser to send an HTTP response to the client. The response consists of an HTML or XHTML document, an image, or other type of document. Every web server has an IP address and usually a domain name. When the browser makes a request for a specific website, it converts the domain name into an IP address through a DNS system and then locates the server that is storing the information for that website.

For example, when we type my-best-domain.net in the web browser’s address bar, the browser sends a request to the web server which hosts the my-best-domain.net domain name. To find the correct web server the browser uses the domain's DNS records and connects to the IP provided in that record. Once the connection to the server is established, the server fetches the page named index.html and sends it back to the browser.

Website hosting

Now you know what the web server is and how it works, and probably you ask yourself how to get your site hosted on a web server. This process is not that complicated.

First, you need to sign up for a web hosting plan.
Secondly, you need to upload your website's files on the server.
Then you need to host your site's domain by pointing its DNSs according to the settings provided by the web hosting provider.

If you choose some of NTC Hosting's cheap hosting plans you can go through the abovementioned procedure with a few clicks. Once you complete your order you will gain access to NTC Hosting's easy-to-use web hosting Control Panel. There you can use the web-based File Manager to upload your files on the server. Also, for your convenience we provide an option for uploading your files via an FTP connection. Another option to get your website online is to use FrontPage Extensions. Once your files are uploaded on the server you can use our advanced Domain Manager to point your domain. Note that if you register your domain with us, the domain name will be automatically pointed to your web hosting account's DNSs and will be added in the Hosted Domains section of the Control Panel.