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Web Hosting

After spending some time on the World Wide Web and viewing some of the endless websites there, one starts to wish he had his own website – a blog, a forum, an online gallery or an online store. A place on the web he can call his own. And once you have set your mind on this, you have reached the point where you need a web hosting service!

Web hosting

Web hosting is the service, which made Internet so content-rich. Web hosting represents a place on a hosting server where one can host his domain name, develop his site, send emails from, etc. There are several different types of web hosting, all of them originating from the different demands of the customers – shared hosting, free hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting. They differ in terms of price, server technology and the ability to host more complex websites, but in the end they all provide the same basic service – a place on the web where one can store his files, which are thereafter made available online.

Free web hosting

Free web hosting is a popular solution for every beginner. However, being free, this type of web hosting does not offer the same options a paid hosting provider will offer. Often, when you sign up for a free web hosting account, there will be banners on your site advertising the hosting provider, or there will be a file size limit. They also offer limited to no support to their customers.

The good part is that a free web hosting service offers you a good way to start your hosting experience, since it will give you the basic features and will not charge you anything. However, if you are looking to develop a professional looking website, then you should look for a more advanced web hosting solution.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is the most popular web hosting offer out there. It combines server stability, feature-rich plans and low prices. Shared web hosting means that there will be several hosting accounts belonging to different people on one and the same hosting server. This is the perfect solution for almost every type of site – starting from a small personal blog or image gallery and moving to a high-end corporate website.

The only disadvantage of the shared web hosting solution is that the hosting server you are on is also affected by all the other users located there.

VPS hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting is very close to the concept of having your own web hosting machine, but it also has something in common with the shared web hosting service. With the VPS hosting solution, the server is divided virtually into several machines, each of which can use a part of the server resources, but at the same time act as a completely stand-alone machine.

This type of hosting is suitable for both resource-hungry and traffic-heavy websites and portals. It will also give you root access to the machine, which will enable you to modify the server configuration in any way you want.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the ultimate web hosting solution. With a dedicated hosting service you will have complete control of your very own web server. This will allow you to use all the server resources yourself. This way, you can build a very heavy website, or a very complex web application. You will also be in total control of what is going on with the server and will have complete freedom in terms of software installation.

The downside of the dedicated hosting solution is that the server is quite expensive and that you will also have to have extensive knowledge in the area in order to administer it successfully. Support with most hosting companies is usually paid per hour and can add to the server’s price.

Web hosting with NTC Hosting

We, at NTC Hosting, have been in the hosting business for quite some time now, and over this time we have found out that what a customer wants is for his web hosting provider to be cheap, reliable and easy to use. This is why we have developed our own Control Panel, which is one of the most user-friendly solutions out there, making the hosting start a pleasant experience. We have also automated the installation of the most popular PHP scripts, reducing the time you need to install a blog, forum, online shop, image gallery to mere seconds with our 1-click Web Applications Installer tool.

And most importantly, we have spent a lot of time developing our hosting platform, building it around the stable combination of Linux and Apache, which has allowed us to keep the prices low and offer low-cost web hosting plans. Our servers are also compiled with the latest stable PHP versions, creating a stable PHP hosting platform and allowing us to offer our special CMS hosting plans.