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Web Hosting Account

With a web hosting account at hand you can take advantage of all necessary server resources for maintaining your personal or business web presence. Making use of the resources presented in your personal account is done through a full-featured web hosting Control Panel.

What is a web hosting account?

Having a website up and running online requires that you move its contents onto a web server that ensures all vital resources for the site to operate smoothly, such as disk space, data transfer, etc. An easy way to do that is to get a web hosting account that will give you access to all necessary server resources and the possibility to control them from one place.

The web hosting account represents a certain portion of resources of a web server and some additional site management features assigned to you personally. You can access your personal account in a secure environment, using a set of uniquely generated login details (username and password), revealed to you only. Making use of the allocated server features is ensured through a web-based Control Panel, offering a user-friendly interface for managing your site's online availability and settings.

Where to get a web hosting account from?

Web hosting accounts are made available by hosts, companies specialized in providing individually assigned access to server resources. These companies ensure server environment access by offering variously sized hosting packages that match their particular customers' online demands. To make sure that their customers use the assigned resources efficiently, hosts invest a lot of money in equipping their packages with an easy-to-use Control Panel, featuring a wide range of website management options.

The exact set of management options may vary between different companies. However, all hosts offer disk space and data transfer interfaces from where you can monitor and control your server resources usage at any moment. Other common Control Panel features include a domain management interface, an email manager, FTP manager, etc.

How to sign up for a web hosting account?

Getting a web hosting account is as easy as creating an msn, yahoo or google email account. You need to find a hosting provider that offers what you need and fill out their sign-up form. While the sign-up procedure is usually boiled down to a few steps and will take you a few minutes only, choosing the right hosting provider and package might take more of your time.

Your choice of the right host must be defined, in the first place, by whether you already have a website built or not. If you have a site ready to be hosted online (for the first time or just moved to a new better host), you will need to know what platform it is built on is, so that you know what are your basic requirements from the host. For instance, if your site is based on FrontPage, then you will need to find a host that offers FrontPage Extensions support as a feature. If you have a Dreamweaver site, then your host will have to offer Dreamweaver support.

In case you do not have a development project for a website yet, you may like the website building options offered by many hosting providers. Along with the common website management services, integrated into their Control Panels, most hosts today also offer easy-to-use website building software requiring no programming or design skills from you. That software is usually represented by step-by-step web-based site builders or pre-installed free scripts that can help you get your own website up and running online in a few clicks, straight from your Control Panel. If you have not planned a building strategy for your site yet, then make sure your host offers such software, at a reasonable cost.

Once you find the right host, you will need to select a hosting package that matches your particular online demands. Since each host has their own specific hosting plan configurations, it would be helpful to get in touch with your chosen host's sales department and ask for advice as to which of their package would serve your particular web presence in the best way.

Web hosting account with NTC Hosting

Whether you have a website created already or not, setting up a web hosting account with NTC Hosting will be a worthy choice for you. All web hosting plans offered on this website come with an in-house built Control Panel, offering a wealth of website management options. To check out whether an NTC Hosting account is the right choice for your website, take a look at the basic supported features:

  • FrontPage/Dreamweaver/ColdFusion support; you can host websites based on any of those platforms;

  • PHP 4 and 5 support; you can host any website using any of the latest stable PHP versions (PHP4, PHP5)

  • web-based free website builder (Site Studio); the tool is integrated into the Control Panel and features an easy-to-use interface

  • free scripts installer - a Control Panel integrated tool allowing you to install a popular free script like a blog, forum, ecommerce store in a few clicks;

  • many integrated extra management options, including domain manager, subdomain manager, email manager, FTP manager, etc.