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Unlimited Domains Hosting

As time goes by, the potentialities of the World Wide Web grow bigger and bigger and are gradually reaching the beyond-restrictions line. One of the indications of this huge progress of the Internet is the unlimited domain hosting option included in some popular web hosting platforms available online.

Benefits of the Unlimited Domain Hosting Solution

The unlimited domain hosting service opens up many opportunities for your online growth. It enables you to host unlimited domain names and subdomains within one single website hosting account and to maintain unlimited websites that can be managed through separate FTP, email, database, domain control, etc. options. All the domains that you can host in your account are fully qualified and can be either registered with the company you get this service from or somewhere else, but have to point to the company's servers. You can add as many new domains as you wish without any additional cost. The only limit you will have will be the allowed quota of the other web hosting resources in your particular account such as disk space, monthly traffic, etc.

Unlimited Domain Management

Usually, your unlimited domain hosting account is packed with a wealth of domain control options. You are given access to a personal domain hosting interface, offering domain registration/transfer services, parked domains, WHOIS management, DNS management options, and many more.

Most of the unlimited domain offers are either included within web hosting plans offering unlimited disk space and unlimited traffic quotas, or within reseller hosting plans.

With the Exclusive plan offered by NTC Hosting you are able to host unlimited domains. Also, our Exclusive plan includes a free domain registration or transfer option. The customers of this Exclusive offer are enabled to save unlimited parked domains for feature use.

NTC Hosting's premium Domain manager provides multiple domain registration options and enables the customers to renew multiple domains at once.

Also, the customers can upgrade their unlimited domain hosting account with an additional ID protection service, or set their own name servers using the DNS registration service. The Control Panel provided with all our packages allows our clients to take full control over their managed DNS settings. Using the Custom DNS Records section they are able to use a set of DNS tools in order to establish DNS forwarding, change CNAME records or set custom MX and A records.