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A Data Center in Finland

The Ficolo data center is located in an ex-military facility, which is located in bedrock caverns near the city of Pori in Finland. Operating out of tunnels made to withstand aerial assault and even a close proximity EMP blast, this data center is the facility choice of many leading companies that desire to operate out of Finland. Aside from the amazing security options provided by the Finnish data center, the latter also offers excellent connectivity to Russia and to Central and Northern Europe.

Hosting Services

The Ficolo data center can be the next home of your website if you pick any of our web hosting or application hosting plans. Each account hosted in our Finnish data center includes 99.9% service and network uptime guarantees and you can also enjoy a 24/7 tech support service with a 1-hour response time guarantee.

Access to Major Network Providers

A must-choose facility for any IT company entering Finland, the Ficolo data center offers excellent connectivity options. With access to multiple network providers, this data center offers amazing connectivity to the nearby Russian market, to all Central and North European countries, and to the rest of the world.

Power & Cooling Options

For any data center facility located underground, the presence of an adequate power and cooling infrastructure is very important. The Ficolo data center boasts a great power supply with multiple backup power options. An optimal server room temperature is ensured by both the facilities industrial-grade cooling equipment and by the cave's natural coolness.

Monitoring & Security

All servers inside the Ficolo data center are being monitored 24/7 by both remote and on-site teams. The status of the network equipment and the network traffic in general are also under constant surveillance, so as to prevent DDoS attacks.

Security-wise, being an ex-military compound, the facility is capable of withstanding aerial attacks and EMP blasts. It's located in a low-risk flood/earthquake zone. The access to the server space is restricted. The facility is under constant CCTV surveillance and is festooned with multiple mantraps.

Well-Maintained & Reliable Servers

All our servers have passed multiple stress tests. Each running service is under constant surveillance by our team of server administrators. In this way, we can act preemptively and prevent possible downtimes before they occur.

Web Hosting Plans in Finland

Cloud Web Hosting Services
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
1 Free Domain Registration
No Set-Up Fee
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
from $ 4.95 /month
Application Hosting Services
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
1 Free Domain Registration
5 GB VPN Traffic
FREE Website Templates
from $ 5.95 /month
Virtual Private Servers
20GB Disk Space
1TB Traffic
1 CPU Core(s)
1 IP Address(es)
from $ 6.00 /month
Hybrid Semi-Dedicated Hosting
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
1 CPU Core(s)
99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee
30 Day Free Trial
from $ 35.95 /month