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.AT Domain Registration

What are the first associations you make when hearing the name of this TLD? I bet that the first thing you think of is the popular English preposition 'AT'. Namely the universal syntax of the .AT domain, the official country-code top-level domain for Austria, has given the .AT registry a good reason to remove any special restrictions and release it for wide open registration.

Why register an .AT domain?

This way, the .AT domains can be freely used by anyone for creating catchy domain names that represent popular 'at' idioms such as 'arrive.at', 'good.at', 'targeted.at', etc. In addition, since many English words end in -at, using an .AT domain extension you can get a memorable 1-word domain, such as autom.at, form.at, that is otherwise taken with the popular generic TLDs.

.AT second-level domains

The .AT domain also supports various second-level domains such as .CO.AT, intended for companies, and .OR.AT, targeted at organizations, with no restriction on the type of business or activity exerted by the registrants. Also, there are second-level .AT domains reserved especially for governmental institutions - .GV.AT, and .AC.AT - for academic and educational institutions.

.AT domain registration requirements

Registering .AT domains is possible for any person, company or non-profit organization worldwide. The only requirements set by the .AT registry are that individuals must be of age and that organizations must specify their names with their valid legal spelling. You are free to register as many .AT domain names as you need to.

.AT management options

You can register your unique .AT domain name anytime now for 1 year and enjoy a feature-rich .AT Domain Manager with many control options such as .AT Domain Parking and setting Custom DNS Records like MX & A Records, NS Records, AAAA Records, SRV Records, TXT Records, etc.

Registry nic.at
Introduced 1988
Type Country code top-level domain
Registration period 1 year
Transfer options Yes
Edit WHOIS Yes
ID Protection No

Other supported TLDs:

Generic (gTLDs): .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .name, .co, .pro, .website, .services, .solutions, .space, .xyz, .club, .news, .top, .company, .deals, .guru, .ninja, .site, .family, .party, .online, .tech, .fun, .press, .store

Country-code (ccTLDs): European ccTLDs: .at, .be, .de, .ch, .eu, .it, .me, .nl, .co.uk, .uk, .me.uk, .org.uk, .fr, .ru, .es, .se, .pl, .pt, .dk, .fi, .no, .gr

American TLDs: .ca, .us, .com.mx, .mx

Asian ccTLDs: .asia, .cn, .com.cn, .org.cn, .net.cn, .in, .jp, .ws, .tw, .com.tw, .org.tw, .idv.tw, .co.il, .ph, .qa, .ae, .ie

Australian ccTLDs: .com.au, .net.au, .org.au

Oceanian ccTLDs: .cc, .co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz, .nu, .tv

African ccTLDS: .co.za

Period .at + Hosting .at Only
1 year $14.00 $14.00

Feature explanation:

  • .AT Registration Period – you can register your .AT domain for a period of 1 year;
  • .AT Edit WHOIS – this option allows you to edit the publicly displayed registrant information about your .AT domain;
  • .AT Status Alerts – you will receive email notifications informing you of the domain`s upcoming expiry date;
  • .AT Domain Parking – you can register a cool .AT domain with NTC Hosting and park it (point it to a parking page or to a real website) while you are working on your website;
  • .AT Domain Manager – an advanced .AT management interface from where you can manage your domain; it is integrated into your Web Hosting Control Panel
  • .AT Custom DNS Records – a set of DNS control options for your .AT domain including A, MX, AAAA, NS, SRV, and TXT records; all accessible through your Web Hosting Control Panel;
  • .AT Subdomains – you can set multiple .AT subdomains, their exact number depending on the hosting plan type you use;