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How to park a domain name

How to park a domain name through your Control Panel

There are just 3 simple steps you need to follow to complete the domain parking procedure.

1. First, log into your personal web hosting Control Panel. To do this, click on the Control Panel log-in link in the top right corner. Enter your account details in the username and password fields of the Members Area login form. When ready, click the Login button to proceed to the Control Panel index.

2. When you open the Control Panel, click on Domain Manager - the second top-most icon in the Site Management section.

3. Once in the Domain Manager interface you will see a list of all domains currently hosted in your account. To see if any domains are parked, mouse over the Type icon on its right.

To park the domain - click the Type icon and follow the pop-up message to remove any Hosted Domain from the list first. Then simply click on the Remove From Hosted Domains link. You will be asked to confirm you want to remove the domain from the Hosted Domains list. To do that - click the Delete button. A pop-up message will confirm the domain name has been deleted and is no longer listed as hosted.

4. The domain is now in a floating status. Click on the Floating link to further manage the domain. Now you are in the Floating Status Management table.

Click on the Type link to select the desired domain status update option from the pop-up panel. To host the domain again - click the Host this domain link. To park the domain, select one of the two domain parking options available - or use one of our template pages to redirect the domain to another site.

4.1. Click the Choose a template link to go with the first option.

Here you have 3 different templates to choose from for your parking page - a Standard template, a For Sale template or a Site Under Construction template. The standard template is set by default and you can preview its versions on your right. Mark the other two options to see how those templates look and choose that one that suits your particular needs most.

Whichever template you select, you will be able to specify your custom message in the Enter text to display field. For instance, if you choose the Under Construction template, your message should explain the visitors why the site is currently unavailable and when it is expected to be back online.

As soon as you submit the custom text it will appear in the YOUR TEXT HERE section of the template. If you do not like the template's layout, you can flip it by selecting the Type B option.

4.2. If your domain parking choice is to redirect your parked domain to another site - click on the web address link. The web address interface allows you to specify the exact URL of the page that you wish to redirect your parked domain to.

Now click on the Submit button to activate the parked domain redirection. The green pop-up message will confirm that the domain has been parked and this is also visible from the updated Type status.

Now you know how to park your domain name in a few quick steps.