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FTP Video Tutorials

How to create an FTP account

Take a look at this quick tutorial showing you how to create an FTP account in a few quick steps such as opening your FTP Manager, creating the new account’s login details, specifying the access path and then completing the procedure with one click.

How to change an FTP account password

Watch this short video tutorial for a step-by-step guidance on how to change the password(s) of your FTP account (s). The movie will show you how to access the FTP Manager of your Control Panel and then use the edit-FTP-password option for a selected account.

How to delete FTP account

This movie visualizes for you the basic steps you need to go through to delete an existing FTP account. See how to open the FTP Manager in your Control Panel and make use of the Delete button, located next to the account you want to remove.

How to install an FTP server

See how to install free FTP software on your Windows-driven machine. The basic FTP software installation steps include choosing the installation type, specifying the destination folder of the server and setting the server as an automatically starting non-system service.

How to install an FTP client

From this movie you will learn how to install an FTP client on your Windows PC. See how to select the preferred client components, type the Destination Folder, and create a FileZilla client shortcut in your Windows Start menu.

How to upload files with an FTP client

The movie will teach you how to upload files with your FTP client. See how to establish an FTP connection with your FTP server and start transferring files from your local PC to the remote server.