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How to set up email forwarding

How to set up email forwarding for your mailbox - overview

1. First, you must log into your web hosting Control Panel. Click the Control Panel login link in the upper right corner of your screen and fill in your account details in the Members Area Log-in form. Then click the 'Login' button to continue.

2. Once in the Control Panel, click on the Email Manager icon in the Email Options section.

3. To set up email forwarding for your mailbox, select the mailbox you wish to set up email forwarding for in the Mailboxes table and then click on the 'Forward' button to proceed.

3.1. Once in the Email Forwarding panel you will see the selected mailbox listed on the left side.

Next type in the email address you wish the incoming mail to be sent to in the Add Forwarding field.

3.2. Then tick off the 'Save a copy' box if you want a copy of each incoming message to be saved on our server and hit 'Add'. 

3.3. A confirmation that email forwarding has been set successfully for your mailbox, will appear.

Now you know how to set up Email Forwarding for any of your existing mailboxes.