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Perl Hosting

What is a Perl Hosting Service?

Perl is a server-side scripting language. As one of the most popular web programming languages, Perl boasts text manipulation capabilities, a rapid development cycle and modular extensibility. It is best utilized in graphics programming, system administration, network programming, CGI programming, and in applications that require database access. Also, with Perl you can handle encrypted web data like e-commerce transactions, secure logins and more. All these benefits make Perl a desirable web hosting plan feature. With a Perl-enabled hosting plan you can run your CGI Perl scripts and use the web server's pre-installed Perl modules.

Perl Web Hosting

NTC Hosting offers its clients high quality Perl hosting services. Our servers are configured so as to ensure maximum performance for your Perl scripts. All our web hosting packages include support for Perl. With our Perl hosting solution the customers can use more than 3400 pre-installed Perl modules.

NTC Hosting always aims to provide perfectly optimized solutions to its clients. The Perl installation we are offering allows our clients to run their Perl scripts using the CGI protocol. This feature boosts our Apache web servers' security and allows you to achieve better control of all executed scripts. Given the abovementioned features: secure and fast servers, Perl scripts run using CGI and many integrated Perl modules, NTC Hosting is the right choice for your website.