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PostgreSQL Hosting

NTC Hosting recommends a PostgreSQL hosting solution to its business clients and to those whose websites serve a lot of visitors. Our PgSQL web hosting plans give you the opportunity to create between 5 and 10 databases and take advantage of a 100GB database quota.

What is a PgSQL Hosting Service?

If you want to run enterprise class web applications which are ensured by a secure, reliable and fast database, you probably are looking for a solution based on the latest Oracle, Sybase or MsSQL database solutions. As an open source alternative to these expensive corporate database solutions, PostgreSQL offers a secure database environment and integration with many other free PHP and Perl based applications like Drupal and WordPress.

The PgSQL hosting service allows the accommodation of websites and applications based on PostgreSQL databases. The latter allow the creation of safe, stable and reliable program products capable of serving many users quickly and simultaneously. PgSQL is an open source database, which represents a free, competitive alternative to the complex corporate database solutions such as Oracle, MsSQL, Sybase. Thanks to the increased security, big reliability, the capacity to work with large size databases and the presence of many features characteristic only of corporate products, PgSQL has become the logical choice of programmers when it comes to creating stable, fast and powerful web applications. By choosing a PostgreSQL hosting solution you get a secure environment, complemented by advanced permissions and support for SSL encryption for the better security of your website.

A PgSQL Enabled Web Hosting Solution

All PostgreSQL enabled hosting packages provided by NTC Hosting offer a secure and stable PgSQL hosting solution. Via our intuitive Database manager you can easily create a database, whereas using the integrated PgSQL admin interface you can easily import/restore a database from backup, edit the current database or make a spare copy on your local computer. To learn more about PgSQL and the specifications of the service we are offering, you can check our low-cost web hosting plans comparison page, and also you can view the articles about PgSQL in the Databases section of our web hosting encyclopedia.