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MySQL hosting

Each web hosting plan offered by NTC Hosting enables you to use our MySQL hosting solution and to easily manage your database(s) using the popular PHPMyAdmin web database manager. You can also use the Control Panel's in-built MySQL manager to create or delete databases, edit database passwords, and check the size and statistics for your database(s) using our MySQL stats function.

What is a MySQL Hosting Service?

The MySQL hosting service allows the construction of big and powerful websites, web-based applications and programs. If you want to build your website using the MySQL open source database solution and insist on speed, stability and scalability, then you need a MySQL hosting solution.

Why Choose a MySQL Hosting Service?

MySQL is an open source database. It represents a free, reasonable alternative to the complex corporate database solutions such as Oracle, MsSQL, Sybase, which has made MySQL the choice of more than 5 000 000 users. MySQL is especially popular among developers for offering a convenient environment for the creation and development of wide range of web solutions and applications. MySQL databases are also very quickly and easily customizable, offering multi-storage engine architecture, high flexibility and a simpler database management system.

Thanks to the abovementioned capacities, the MySQL database is known as the preferred basis for hundreds of Open Source projects, such as Joomla, WordPress, Moodle, 4images, etc.

Also, the MySQL databases are preferred over the proprietary database systems due to their reliability and speed of performance. They are most commonly used for both regular and embedded Web applications running on UNIX, Windows and Mac OS.

A MySQL Enabled Web Hosting Solution

By choosing any of NTC Hosting's web hosting plans you are also provided with a premium MySQL hosting solution. All our packages provide a secure environment, complemented by advanced permissions and support for SSL encryption for the better security of your website. NTC Hosting offers a secure and stable MySQL hosting solution suitable for personal blogs and websites, and for corporate applications. With our intuitive MySQL manager you can easily create a database, whereas using the integrated PHPMyAdmin function you can easily import/restore a database from backup, edit the current database or make a spare copy on your local computer.

Using the advanced features of our Web Hosting Control Panel you’ll be able to install automatically many MySQL-based PHP applications and website environments like Joomla, WordPress, Moodle, 4images.