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How to restore a PgSQL database from backup

How to restore a PostgreSQL database from a backup file - overview

1. First of all, you need to log into your web hosting Control Panel. To do this - go to the Control Panel login link in the upper right corner of our hosting site and fill in your web hosting account details in the Members Area Login form. Then hit the 'Login' button to go to your Control Panel.

2. The second step is logging into the PostgreSQL Databases section. To do that, click on the PostgreSQL Databases icon located in the Site Management section of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

3. The final and most important step is restoring a PostgreSQL database from a dump file.

3.1. First, you need to open the phpPgAdmin tool, by clicking the name link of a database or its corresponding phpPgAdmin icon.

3.2. Once in the phpPgAdmin interface, select the name of the database, which you wish to restore from backup to open its management panel, press the SQL tab from the main menu and browse to the backup/dump file using the 'Browse' button option. As soon as you locate your dump file, click the 'Open' button.

3.3. After the dump file has been selected, you should click on 'Execute' to start importing the dump file to your database. Then click on the 'Tables' option to check whether the database is now displayed in your phpPgAdmin.

You have just learnt how to restore a PostgreSQL database from a dump file through the phpPgAdmin tool.