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Hepsia Hosting Control Panel

This is the NTC Hosting Control Panel - a new and different kind of Control Panel, which is centered around the concept of intuitiveness.

It features a user-friendly interface that you can manage with simply point and click actions and an easy-to-use dropdown navigation.

The Control Panel responds quickly and naturally to each click and the exclusive drag and drop feature makes moving your files fast and smooth.

With the NTC Hosting Control Panel, there is no real learning curve because what you need is right at hand. Each icon takes you straight to where you want.

This means that actions like creating, renaming and copying files are natural and straightforward.

What might have been hard in other control panels like registering your domains or setting up a new email address can here be done with a click.

Options like integrated help tips and videos tutorials, onscreen information of your account usage and the available resources, mean that you are always kept informed and able to take control of your sites with ease.

The integrated custom-built web analytics tool will keep you updated in real time on your site visitors’ behavior and the overall performance of your online presence.

Intuitiveness and integrated site tools are the key reason why our Control Panel is different.

So make the NTC Hosting Control Panel your default website management interface today.