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How to activate URL redirection through your Control Panel

How to activate URL redirection from your Control Panel

1. First you need to log into your Web Hosting Control Panel. You can do this through the Control Panel log-in link located in the top right corner of our website. Next you will be prompted to fill in your web hosting details in the Members Area Login fields. Hit the Login button to go straight to your Control Panel.

2. Once you land on the Control Panel's home page - look for the URL Protect& Redirect icon located in the rightmost column of the Site Management section. Click on the icon to proceed further.

3. Opening the URL Protect and Redirect section - click on the URL Redirect tab to proceed to the redirection interface. The first option you will have is to select the redirection method from the Choose Redirect method menu. This could either be Redirect Directive or Redirect Match Directive. For more information on each of the methods, mouse over their corresponding Help icons.

4. Next you will have to specify the domain name that you wish to set URL redirection for from the drop-down menu. Use the Path field to specify the exact folder that you wish to be redirected. This could be either your main domain folder or any of its folders of your choice.

To make things easier for you - we have added a Browse button, allowing you to browse directly to the folder you wish to protect.

The pop-up panel will list all folders set under the domain name you have selected for redirection. Select the folder you wish to redirect from the list, by marking its checkbox, and then hit the Choose and close button.

5. Next you should select the URL Redirection type from the HTTP status code drop-down menu. You could select a permanent Redirection 301, a Temporary Redirection 302, a 303 redirection or a gone status code 410.

6. The final step is to type in the URL that you want the domain to be redirected to. Mind to include the http:// part.in the redirection URL. If you miss to input it in the Redirect URL field - the domain or subdomain may not be redirected properly. When ready with all settings, click on the Save button. A pop-up message will confirm for you that your domain or subdomain has been redirected successfully.

That's it. Now you know how to set a URL redirection for your domain or subdomain.