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How to copy a folder through your File Manager through your Control Panel

How to copy a folder through your File Manager from your Control Panel

1. First log into your web hosting Control Panel. To log in, use the Control Panel login link in the upper right corner of the screen. Next enter your web hosting account login details in the Members Area login form - first your username and your password. Then hit the Login button to proceed.

2. In the Control Panel home page, click on the File Manager icon located in the Site Management section. This will take you to the file management interface of your Control Panel, offering a variety of options for manipulating your files and folders.

3. Next you need to browse to the folder that you wish to copy. Select the folder by marking the checkbox next to it. Click the Copy button to start the copy-folder process. Type in the destination path where you wish to copy the folder to. If you do not know the path name, click on the PATH link to select the path directly from a list. Next press the copy button next to the destination path and wait until the folder is copied to the new location.

That's it. Now you know how to copy a folder through the File Manager of your web hosting Control Panel.