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How to create a cron job through your Control Panel

How to create a cron job through your Control Panel

The cron jobs represent automated tasks operating at predefined time intervals. The cron job creation procedure includes a few easy steps to follow:

1. To start you will have to log into your web hosting Control Panel first. You can do that through the Control Panel link in the top-right corner of your screen. Next enter your login details in the members login area fields. Click the Login button to open your Control Panel.

2. In home page, click on the Crontab image in the Site Management section.

3. The crontab interface of your Control Panel will allow you to set various cron jobs for your account.

3.1. First, you need to type in the command that will be executed. In our example, we set an echo command that must be executed every 5 minutes.

3.2. Next select the email address that the cron tab results will be sent to.

3.3. Select your experience level. The Standard option is recommended for beginners.

3.4. Next select the time interval at which the cron job will be executed. You can choose the cron job execution period to be measured in minutes, or in hours, or in days, or in months, or even in weekdays.

3.5. Click on the 'Add Crontab' button to activate your new cron job.

3.6. To edit the cron jobs you have created - you can use the 'Edit' button.

You have just learnt how to create a cron job through the Crontab interface of your Control Panel.