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DNS Hosting

Managing a newly registered domain name is largely related to administering its DNS settings, which is possible through the options included in a reliable DNS hosting service. Thanks to this service domain owners can have full control over their websites, by applying a wide variety of changes to the DNS settings assigned to their domains.

DNS Hosting

The DNS hosting service is based on Domain Name System servers, which are responsible for keeping record of public IP addresses, and contain a database of network names and addresses for other Internet hosts. The majority of the DNS hosting services are qualified as 'shared', since only a limited number of large corporate or very popular websites use a dedicated server solution for their DNS hosting needs.

Each DNS hosting server needs to be capable of handling the huge variety of DNS records each domain has, starting with the general A and MX records, NS records, TXT records, AAAA records, if the server is using an IPv6, or SRV records, if the domain name is used as an online telephony service.

Bind DNS server

The bind DNS server is perhaps the most spread DNS server solution today, especially with Unix-based systems. Developed in Berkley, California, back in 1988, it had gone through several changes until BIND9 was released, which represented a complete rewrite of the bind software and included several new features, such as support for IPv6 IP addresses, the DNSSEC module, multiprocessor support and others. The project has been backed up by the U.S. Military, which today use BIND9 as their DNS Server software.


The DNSSEC module is an important addition to the BIND9 software. DNSSEC stands for DNS Security Extensions and is designed to add additional layers of security to the DNS system. This security update was highly demanded by the U.S. Military during the BIND9 development, since in previous versions the security was not an emphasized feature. With DNSSEC, now attacks such as DNS poisoning, are no longer a threat. A DNS poisoning attack consists of sending a DNS server data from a non-authoritative DNS source. When this new data is cached, the DNS server is considered poisoned, providing the non-authoritative data to clients of the DNS server.

NTC's DNS hosting services

The best DNS hosting service is the one that comes as an extra service to your domain name registration. Register or transfer your domain name with NTC Hosting and take 100% control of its DNS settings through an advanced Custom DNS Records service accessible from your personal web hosting Control Panel. Now you can perform DNS Management tasks by administering your domain's Custom MX and A Records, NS Records, AAAA Records, SRV Records, TXT Records, etc. without any hassle! We guarantee 100% DNS uptime with our servers hosted in top-class facilities in three different locations - the USA ,the UK and Sweden which minimizes latency for our clients worldwide.