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EPP Transfer Protection

Registering a domain name for your individual or business purposes is not just a simple assignment of a name of your choice to a website of yours. It looks simple indeed, since most registrars are trying their best to facilitate the domain registration process to the maximum. However, each registration is associated with the setting of supplementary attributes to domain names aimed at protecting the rights of domain owners in the global space. Such attributes include options enabling Registrar Lock and EPP Transfer Protection services for each newly registered domain.

What is EPP Transfer Protection?

The EPP Transfer Protection for a domain name is executed through a unique EPP key assigned to some domains by registrars during the registration process. You could meet EPP key also as Authorization Key, Authorization Code, Transfer Authorization Code, EPP Code or Transfer Key. Different registrars name this key in their own way. Nevertheless, this key serves one and the same purpose - to protect domain registrants against any attempts for unauthorized transfer of their domain names.

Why EPP Transfer Protection?

As you may know, the registration of a domain represents a strictly individual service, where a unique website name is assigned to a particular person, organization or company. Through the WHOIS Management option offered for each domain, registrants are allowed to assign their own details, including name, address, phone, email, to the domain WHOIS records, which legalizes their ownership over the domain.

However, to make sure that the particular domain is protected against any unauthorized transfer attempts, the registrars assign a unique EPP key to its registration settings. An EPP key represents a randomly generated unique sequence of characters, which is known only to the registrar and the registrants themselves. It is used by the registrants as an ownership identification password when requesting a domain transfer from their current registrar to a new one.

Each future registrar will require that you supply the corresponding EPP key when requesting transfer from their store. They need it as a proof before the losing registrar that the transfer request has been authorized by the registrant.

Which Domains Support EPP Transfer Protection?

The EPP Transfer Protection service is supported by all generic TLDs including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, as well as country-level domain extensions such as .TV, .IN, .CN, .COM.CN, .NET.CN, .ORG.CN, .COM.TW, .ORG.TW, .IDV.TW. Registering a domain with any of these extensions you will get your own unique EPP key, which you should keep in your records for future reference in case you need to later transfer it over to another registrar.

How to obtain an EPP key?

EPP keys are usually kept in registrars' records and you can obtain them in several ways - by sending an EPP request to your registrar or by simply logging into your domain management account in case you have it listed there. If your domain name is registered with NTC Hosting (all web hosting plans on this website include various TLD options) - you can get your EPP key from the Domain Manager of your web hosting Control Panel. Simply select the domain you need an EPP key for, click on the EPP key option and copy/paste the key.

You can obtain the EPP Key for your Domain Name from your existing Registrar. If your domain is registered with us, you can find the EPP Key near the top of the Edit Domain Contacts page (login with your member username at our site, click View/Edit next to "Number of domains in your account"; click "M" (for Manage) located to the right of the listed domain; and then click "Domain Contacts" or "Contact Information".)