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Top-level Domain (TLD)

The top-level domain or TLD represents a key element of your website address and is one of the key factors in shaping the image of your online presence and boosting the brand recognition among your target audiences.

What is a TLD?

If it is on your schedule to join the global network by creating your own website, then you must be in a search for the right way to name it. Whatever name you choose, it must be in the format of a domain. Finding the best domain for your web presence is not an easy task at all, with millions of domains already registered on the Internet. Luckily, there is a great variety of top-level domain (TLD) options offered online that will facilitate your choice of a suitable web address for your site.

The TLD represents a key element of the domain name and is one of the key factors in boosting the popularity of your website. This is the last part of the domain after the ‘dot’ symbol. Just like the extension of a file, the TLD is representative of the domain’s type and purpose. For instance, if your website serves as an e-shop or a web profile of your company, then your TLD is expected to be .COM or .BIZ. If your e-store is targeted exclusively at the UK market, then you will be better off choosing a .CO.UK top-level domain.

Domain Extensions - TLDs

The domain extensions or TLDs are especially useful when you need to search for alternatives to the domain you want to register. Very often, the domain you find most suitable for your website happens to be unavailable for registration. Someone before you has realized the potential of your priority domain choice and has been the first to register it. So what do you do then? Changing the first part of the domain may not be a good idea, since you have already spent some time thinking of a truly awesome name that will be both user- and search-engine friendly. Then the only thing left for you to think of is an alternative domain extension (TLD).

Generic TLDs/Country-code TLDs

Currently, there are more than a hundred different domain name extensions (TLDs) on the web. They are divided into two basic groups - generic TLDs (gTLDs) and country TLDs (ccTLDs). The generic domains include the most popular domain names like .COM, .NET, .INFO, .ORG, .BIZ, that are widely open for registration to all users. The country domain names, in turn, are assigned to particular countries and each of them is subject to specific registration and transfer rules. Nevertheless, there are domains like .NU, .ME, .WS, that have gone out of the boundaries of the countries they represent and are soon to be established as official alternatives to the generic domain names.

Multiple TLD options by NTC HostingSome Title

The variety of TLDs available from NTC Hosting, are an essential part of the services we offer. The domain registration & transfer options offered by NTC Hosting include all basic generic TLDs for international websites and a great variety of country code TLDs for websites targeted at specific local audiences. On this website you can find detailed information about all TLDs on offer, including details about the domain transfer support, the availability of Registrar Lock, Edit WHOIS options and ID Protection services, the supported registration period, the registration/transfer cost per domain per year, etc.

Click on the ‘TLD’ link of the domain extension you are interested in to find our more comprehensive information about its purpose, use, registration requirements, multi-year pricing, etc. Also, check out how you can register multiple domains and manage them from one and the same web hosting account.