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How to activate Hotlink protection

How to activate Hotlink Protection for your domain through your Control Panel

Activating Hotlink Protection for your websites protects them against bandwidth theft. Here is how to do it:

1. The first step is to log into your web hosting Control Panel. You can do that by clicking the Control Panel log-in link in the top right corner of your screen. To log in, fill in your account details in the corresponding Members Area log-in form fields. Next push the Login button to go straight to your Control Panel

2. Now that you are in the Control Panel - go to the Web Tools section and then click on the Administration Tools icon to proceed to the Hotlink Protection management panel. Click on the Hotlink Protection link to jump to the Hotlink Protection setup page.

3. Next you need to select the host that you wish to protect from the Hostname drop-down menu on the left. This can be any domain or subdomain hosted in your account. In case you wish to hotlink protect a specific folder you should fill in its path in the Path field.If you do not know the exact path of the folder you want to protect, use the Browse button to select it from a list.

Once done, click on the Enable Protection button to protect your domain or subdomain from unsolicited direct linking to files on your website from other sites. A green pop-up message will confirm for you that the selected host has been hotlink protected.

You have successfully protected your domain name against hotlinking.