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SSH Telnet

The Internet system is built up of an unlimited number of data exchange connections between network-connected computers. Most of the information exchanged over the Internet is highly sensitive (i.e. passwords, personal details), which creates many potential risks for its confidentiality and requires that a secure connection be established.

What is SSH Telnet?

A very reliable security connection solution is SSH or Secure Shell - a network protocol that ensures a high-level encryption, allowing for the data transmitted over insecure networks, such as the Internet, to be kept intact and integrate. SSH and SSH Telnet, in particular, work for establishing a secure communication between two network-connected computers as an alternative to remote shells, such as TELNET, that send sensitive information in an insecure environment.

In contrast to other remote access protocols, such as FTP, SSH Telnet ensures higher level of connection security between distant machines but at the same time represents a potential threat to the server stability. Thus, SSH access is considered a special privilege by hosting providers and is often assigned to users only per request.

Why use SSH Telnet?

SSH is most often used to establish connections from a certain computer to a remote machine over a network, to execute commands and transfer files between them. It works on the basis of public-key cryptography to authenticate the remote machine and allow it to verify the user in turn, if needed.

With an SSH client in action, and hence encryption enabled, you can protect a network from malicious attacks such as IP spoofing, IP source routing, and DNS spoofing. With an SSH connection established, the entire login session, including the transmission of password, gets encrypted to ward off any possible hijack attacks.

SSH Telnet Uses

Due to its crucial secure capabilities, SSH Telnet is supported by the majority of modern operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Free BSD. Depending on the set of characteristics and security level provided, SSH is offered in various proprietary, freeware and open-source versions. Some of the best SSH client programs available on the Internet include Putty, PenguiNet and SecureCRT.

How to set up SSH Telnet with NTC Hosting

Before choosing to use an SSH connection you should make sure that your hosting provider is supporting SSH. For instance, all of the web hosting plans offered on this website support SSH Telnet as an optional feature and you could activate it at any time from your Control Panel.

To do that, simply log into the Control Panel, go to the Advanced tab, click SSH/Shell Access and push the 'Activate' button. Once you have SSH access enabled you will need to set up an SSH Telnet client program and upload a key created through the SSH software installed on your PC to the server where your hosting account is hosted on. With the key installed, you will be able to connect to our server via a Secure Shell connection.