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How to create a MySQL database dump/backup file

How to create a MySQL database dumb/backup file - overview

There are just 3 simple steps that you need to complete to dump a MySQL database:

1. First, you need to log into your personal Control Panel, using the log-in link, located in the upper right corner of the NTC Hosting's website. Then fill in the username and password of your Web Hosting Account in the Members Login Form and click the 'Login' button to open your web hosting Control Panel.

2. The next step is to access the MySQL Databases section. To do that, click the 'MySQL Databases' icon in the Site Management section.

3. Once in the MySQL Databases section of the Control Panel, click the name of the database you wish to make a dump for or on its corresponding PHPMyAdmin icon.

3.1. This will open for you the PHPMyAdmin tool. Once in the phpMyAdmin interface - select the database from the drop-down list on the left (you can scroll down to view all database entries in the table).

3.2. Now click the 'Export' option from the tabbed menu above the MySQL table. In the Export tab, select the dump type from the corresponding list of options (to export an SQL backup you need the SQL option).

3.3. Next select the 'Save as file' option to create a MySQL database dump file and specify the dump file name. Then press the 'GO' button to export and download your database dump file. You have completed all 3 simple MySQL database dump steps using the phpMyAdmin interface integrated into your Control Panel.