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MySQL Statistics

If you are running a MySQL-based dynamic website you will need to have the possibility to monitor round the clock the database performance so as to prevent any possible disruption and unwanted load on the server where your web hosting account is located. To keep track of your MySQL database activity, you will need to have access to comprehensive MySQL statistics that will give you real-time information about your database activity.

What are MySQL Stats?

The possibility to use MySQL stats equals having access to a web-based interface for 24x7 monitoring of the database load that your websites have generated for a certain period of time. The database load is measured in MySQL queries, which in turn represent all visits to a MySQL-based website. MySQL queries are registered in the following way - when someone visits a web page that uses databases to generate content a request is sent immediately to the database server for the requested content to be displayed online. This request is registered by the MySQL stats tool as a single query in real time.

The MySQL stats interface

The MySQL stats interface usually represents a table that displays the amount of database queries generated by each of your websites (subdomain, domain) on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Generally, this is presented in a way that will allow you to track the database hits’ progress for a certain period of time and thus be able to estimate whether the current MySQL usage limit suits you fine or you will need to search for another solution. In addition, you will be able to compare the MySQL load for all your hosts, which will help you to get an overall idea of your database activity for a certain period of time.

Why you need MySQL Stats

There are two essential reasons why you need to take advantage of MySQL stats for your database-driven websites. First of all, keeping yourself updated in real time about the database activity in your hosting account will give you an idea about the level of MySQL usage of your web presence. Second, keeping track of the current levels of MySQL loads will help you observe the MySQL restrictions of your particular host. This is really crucial for you online presence, since exceeding the pre-defined limits will lead to your account being suspended and website going offline if you do not take measures to decrease the MySQL usage or upgrade to a more advanced solution

MySQL Statistics with NTC Hosting

MySQL statistics are usually represented in a simple web based interface, so that all necessary details, including statistics for separate hosts per day, month and year, could be presented to the user in a readable way. For instance, all hosting plans presented on this page come with a Control Panel-integrated MySQL stats interface, where you will be able to easily keep track of all incoming MySQL queries on a yearly, monthly, weekly and even hourly basis. Simply log into your NTC Hosting Control Panel, go to MySQL Stats and check up the necessary information for any active host in your account.