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Registrar Lock

With the registration of a domain name you actually obtain ownership over a unique name in the global space, assigned personally to you by the sponsoring registrar. However, just like any property of yours in the real world, a domain name is at risk of being stolen through forgery transfers initiated by anonymous users who want to get hold of your domain at any cost.

Registrar-lock overview

To protect your domain name against such unauthorized actions as well as against any accidental changes to its settings some registrars set a registrar-lock status to your domain during the very registration process. As an additional protection measure, some domain registrars also support an EPP transfer protection option, which, in contrast to the registrar-lock option, is a strictly individual service allowing for a domain to have its own transfer authorization code.

What is Registrar-lock?

The registrar-lock option set to domain names upon registration serves a double protection purpose - to prevent any unauthorized transfers of the domain away to another registrar as well as any accidental changes to its settings that could result in its deletion. The name of the registrar-lock option may vary with different registrars; popular name versions include Domain Lock, Domain Locking, Transfer Lock, Domain Protect, etc. Whatever the name, the registrar-lock option is either set by default upon registration or is later set upon customer request.

How to use the Registrar-Lock option?

Registrants are usually free to manage the domain locking option set to their domains in a truly easy way. Depending on the registrar, activating or deactivating the lock option is done by clicking a link, hitting a button, or unmarking a checkbox within their personal domain administration accounts. You should bear in mind that the registrar-lock option, if activated, does not affect domain name renewals i.e. you can renew your domain name even if it is in locked status.

Which TLDs support Registrar-Lock?

The registrar-lock service is supported by the majority of generic TLDs, including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, as well as by the most popular country-code domain extensions such as .US, .ME, .TV, .CC, .IN, .ASIA, etc. Country-code TLDs that do not support the registrar-lock option have in fact set other protection options. For instance, the .CO.UK domain transfers are carried out after explicitly authorized changes have been made to a special ‘tag’ setting.

How to manage your Registrar-Lock option?

Now you can manage the Registrar-Lock option of your domain name right through your web hosting Control Panel. In case you use the services of NTC Hosting, you will be able to enable/disable the Registrar-lock status of your domain with just a click from the full-featured Domain Manager, integrated into the Control Panel coming with all web hosting plans.