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Mailing List Members

If you are planning a mass advertising campaign where a single ad message reaches all recipients within a specific target audience simultaneously, or need to quickly share an opinion with all other members of the online community you are a member of, you will definitely need to use a mailing list software solution. To take advantage of a mailing list, you need to have a list of the names and addresses of the people that have agreed to take part in this mailing group, i.e. to become mailing list members.

What are mailing list members?

Mailing list members refers to all the subscribers to a certain mailing list who have given their agreement to participate in the list by sending an opt-in message to its administrator's email address. In other words, mailing list members become only individuals who have submitted their explicit written consent to a specific email address pre-defined by the mailing list administrator. An interesting fact about the term 'mailing list members' is that, in practice, it is gradually being replaced by 'the mailing list' or 'the list' for the sake of brevity.

How do mailing list members get notifications?

In order for an email message to be sent to mailing list members it has to be first sent to the default admin mailing address by the person in charge of the mailing list. As soon as the responsible person sends the original copy of the massmail message, the software distributes it automatically to all the members listed in the mailing list. If the email is sent in the form of a newsletter, periodical or advertising - the opt-in readers are called announcement list members. In case the message is sent as a posted item on certain topic between the members of an online community - the recipients will be discussion list members.

How to get unlimited mailing list members?

One of the best characteristics of mailing lists is that they can be set to serve multiple, even unlimited number of recipients. Whether you get 10, 100, 1000 or unlimited mailing list members depends on your hosting provider (mailing list software used, specific mailing list policy restrictions set, etc.). The fully-featured email service integrated into the NTC Hosting plans supports a powerful mailing list software (Majordomo) allowing for unlimited mailing list members to be set for each of your massmail campaigns/email addresses.