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Spam Filters

With its establishment as a basic communication channel for all Internet users, email has just as well been seen as a very 'convenient' channel for conducting unsolicited advertising and also a means of transmitting malicious software (viruses, spyware) to personal email addresses.

What a nuisance it is to all of us to open our inbox in the morning and find it stuffed with apparently unwanted messages. What a waste of efforts sorting the real messages out of the spam emails and throwing the latter to the dustbin. Isn't there an easier way to stop this craziness? Luckily, the answer is positive - yes, there is, you just need to look around for an email service offering spam filters.

What are SPAM Filters?

Spam filters have considerably alleviated the stress caused to Internet users by the uncontrollable spamming activity infesting the web. With spam filters in action, users take full control of their inbox and block any unsolicited spam and malicious content from breaking into their personal e-space. In addition, they provide an easy way for users to organize their emails into separate thematic folders for easier reference to their mailbox contents.

SPAM Filters Functions

The SPAM filters allow you to divide the email addresses sending messages to your mailbox into two basic categories - approved (white) addresses and unapproved (blacklisted) addresses. Emails sent from approved addresses go straight to your mailbox, while those from the black address are blocked or deleted, as per your preferences.

The best and most intuitive characteristic of SPAM filters is the possibility they give you to control the level of email filtering. Most SPAM filters allow you to manage the way incoming email is delivered to your mailbox. By setting simple spam filtering rules you will be able to tell the software which messages to be blocked from entering your mailbox.

Your control over incoming email through SPAM filters can go even beyond the spam criteria line. SPAM filters also allow you to set rules for approved messages to be redirected to a certain folder within your mailbox. This is an additional level of customization, enabling you to filter your incoming messages for the sake of convenience in using your email.

SPAM filters with NTC Hosting

Using SPAM filters is truly easy with the SPAM filter service readily installed in the full featured Email Manager interface, integrated into the Control Panel coming with all the web hosting plans offered on this website. The SPAM filters are equally suitable for advanced and inexperienced users, featuring an easy-to-use interface with many helpful options. It is now remarkably easy to define a set of rules for filtering your incoming emails. Another feature working for the safety of your emails is the Anti-virus Protection service, also coming with all NTC Hosting plans.