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Access Log Manager

The Access Log Manager tool integrated into your Control Panel allows you to check the access log files for your website, which contain useful marketing information about your visitors.

What are access logs?

In today's world, online advertising and marketing are getting more and more important for running a small or a medium-sized business website and the information these two branches gather is vital to any company, which aims to be successful. An important source of information about how your website is performing online are the access log files, which you can be granted access to by your web hosting provider. By giving you valuable details about your website visitors, the access logs allow you to evaluate the efficiency of your online marketing campaigns.

Why use access logs?

Website access logs contain information, which is very important for every marketing oriented person, since it shows them both the IP address of the visitor and his entry URL. This is a very important piece of knowledge, since it can form the cornerstone of an advertisement campaign.

The access logs are also an important security feature. They can show you who has accessed the Control Panel for your site and if they were authorized to do this.

An Access Log Manager with NTC Hosting

If you are using the services of NTC Hosting, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a comprehensive, easy-to-read Access Log Manager, integrated into the Access & Error logs section of your hosting Control Panel. The tool is sharing one and the same interface with the Access Log Viewer tool, allowing you to more efficiently monitor the accessibility of your websites

The two tools in one place will be giving you complex information about who is accessing your pages and what eventual problem they experience doing this, so you can take measures to avoid them. Now you are ready to form your marketing and advertising strategy and feel secure about your presence online.

Access Log Manager