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Daily Data Backup

The daily data backup service is one of the most important features to take into consideration when choosing a web hosting provider. Check out why it is so important for your website in our article.

What is daily data backup?

In a world mastered by Internet communication technologies information has turned into a most important resource. Now every self-respected individual or business has its own web presence built up of various data types. To keep pace with the global information stream individuals and businesses need to consider two basic factors – the quality of information they present online and its safety.

Although served by advanced technologies, no information is guaranteed unconditional safety. This is the reason why individuals and businesses should secure their archives through data back up operations. In contrast to offline data backup, the backup of online presented information is within the control of web hosts. This is a key service featured in their offerings as a daily data back-up service.

Why you need data backup

The daily data back-up service offered by hosting providers is aimed at providing you with automatic recovery of lost data. There are many reasons for accidental data loss that you may be faced with at any given time – from the latest virus release, through electrical surge and human error to nature disaster such as flood, earthquake or fire.

Regardless of the first-class hardware you rely upon for storing your online information, you are never fully insured against system failure and hence – unsolicited data loss. This is where the daily data backup services hosts provide come in handy.

Why use daily data backup?

Taking care of the back-up of your precious information is the second most important service offered by hosts after the hosting service itself. Thus, every single file stored on the server of your provider should be guaranteed full recovery in the event of data loss. To be able to ensure such a precise data recovery service, hosts need to make daily check-up of the information updates you make on the server.

For that reason – daily back-up has become more popular a name of the service than just 'data back-up'. In addition to reflecting the actual frequency of the service, it is also used as a psychological factor in attracting customers. Telling their clients that they will take daily care of their precious data, hosts add another important selling point to their overall service image.

How to get a daily-backup hosting service?

When ordering a web hosting plan for your site – make sure to verify the host that the service supports daily data back-up. For instance, if you look at the hosting plans specifications on this website, you will notice that each of the plans is backed up by a daily data up services. Thus, if you choose to host your sites on any of our web servers – your information will be fully secured against any accidental problems.