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SSI - Server Side Includes

Here is a great way for you to insert interactive real-time content into your HTML page(s) without needing to serve the entire page(s) via complicated dynamic technologies like CGI. NTC Hosting is offering you SSI optimized web hosting packages allowing you to run simple automated tasks throughout your website without any hassle.

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Server Side Includes, more popular as SSI or simply includes, represents a simple server-side scripting language used for including the contents of one or more files into another file located on a web server. If, for example, you want to place a quotation on your site, but don't want to update the entire code every time you change the quotation, you can simply create a "quote.txt" file and incorporate it in your website using SSI. This way, every time the "quote.txt" file is updated, the change will reflect everywhere the file is included. The inclusion of a piece of code throughout a website with Server Side Includes can be used for creating a navigation menu, displaying the current time, etc.

Server Side Includes

With the use of SSI, you can make your website much more interactive and dynamic. Even though SSI will not offer you the possibilities of more complex server-side scripting languages, such as PHP, Python or Perl, it's a great way to start.

Server Side Includes (SSI) with NTC Hosting

Server Side Includes is enabled by default with all NTC Hosting web hosting offers. You are not required to enable anything or activate anything – as soon as you have your hosting account, you can start using the advantages SSI enabled hosting gives you.

To make use of SSI's capabilities with the web hosting packages offered by NTC Hosting, you should simply decide on the files that you wish to incorporate into one another and define some simple instructions. Mind you to always assign a .shtml, .stm or .shtm extension to the SSI-enabled HTML file, so that it could be recognized by a regularly configured Apache web server.