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IP Blocking

Maintaining your own web presence is inevitably associated with potential external risks such as attack of malevolent users. The good news here is that you can easily recognize such malicious visitors, by checking the IP addresses that they are making a connection from. With this valuable information at hand you will be able to prevent those visitors from accessing your website through the so-called IP Blocking service.

What is IP blocking?

The block-IP-address service is specifically aimed at shooting at the heart of the enemy, allowing you to prevent undesired connections to your website from certain IP addresses and even whole IP address ranges. This service gives you total control over the access to your website, empowering you to filter incoming connections in accordance with your preferences at any given moment.

How IP blocking works

The mechanism of the IP blocking process is truly simple as long as you know the IP addresses that need to be blocked. With the IP addresses block list specified you can now expect a script to be matching each incoming connection's IP addresses against the block list entries. All users with IP addresses not featured in the ban list will be granted instant access to your website. If, however, a match is found i.e. an IP address is featured in the block list, the web server where your website is hosted on returns a message of access denial to the user.

IP blocking Use

The IP blocking tool is most commonly used on ecommerce websites, giving merchants the possibility to facilitate the payment validation process, by pre-defining ban rules for IP addresses or IP address ranges associated with previous fraudulent activity. By using IP blocking, merchants will surely save unnecessary goods delivery expenses and chargeback costs caused by fraudulent orders.

Although working for the security of websites, the IP blocking service requires careful estimation while being used. The practice has shown that the service might cause complication if used for blocking dynamic IP addresses, for example. By blocking dynamically generated IP addresses it is highly possible that other IP addresses within the same range will be blocked too. In the case of ecommerce, blocking a dynamic IP address that has been associated with a fraudulent order will automatically block any potential legitimate orders that have been assigned the same IP address.

Block-IP-Address Tool with NTC Hosting

The IP Blocking service is usually made accessible to users through specific web-based tools allowing for quick and efficient protection from undesired IP attacks.

With an IP Blocking Manager tool such as the one integrated into the web hosting Control Panel coming with all plans on this website, you are in total control of the incoming connections to your website.

To make use of the IP Blocking Tool you simply need to specify the domain or subdomain that you wish to filter incoming connections for, then specify the exact path to be protected and fill in the IP address or IP address range that you wish to add to your IP Block List.