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Live Chat Support

If you have the possibility to contact your host's support team by live chat, you will be able to communicate with a real person in real time and get timely responses to any of your inquiries.

Why is live chat support needed?

Every self-respected company offering products and services online has a live chat portal integrated onto its website as a key support option. Web hosting services providers, in particular, rely a lot on the live chat support option as a quick, flexible and efficient method of giving real-time information and providing immediate assistance to their customers.

Since web hosting services are totally dependent on the online availability of the provided server resources, any interruption in their delivery will affect immediately the users' web presence. At the same time, potential customers will be glad to get some additional information on the services offered on the host's site, by just chatting with a sales representative. That's why, hosting providers use the live chat support option to offer their existing and future customers a quick and intuitive way to get in touch with them.

Live chat support advantages

The live chat support service option integrated into the website of a hosting company offers some not-to-be-ignored advantages:

  • A real-time support service – through the live chat functionality enabled on their website, the hosting provider ensures their customers an option to get in real-time contact with their customers. The user just needs to click the button and initiate an ICQ/Messenger like chat session with a representative of the company. It is really quick and easy.

  • Creates an image of reliability - the presence of a live chat button on a hosts' website is a sign that the hosting provider cares for their customers and is ready to provide immediate assistance using real person chat operators. Knowing that there is somebody ready to help them out in real time, the customers feel safer and more confident in their host.

  • Cuts costs for users from distant parts of the world - in contrast to the phone support option, the other real time support service, the Live Chat service is usually provided absolutely free to the customer. Since web hosting services are offered on a global basis, using multiple local phone lines at a time to offer all customers from around the world a cheap phone support service is just not physically possible for hosts. This is why, the chat service comes as a free real time support option alternative to the generally more preferred phone support service.

If compared to the other basic methods of providing customer service like phone support and ticketing system, the live chat option can be considered as combining the best characteristics of them both. On the one hand, the live chat allows for a customer to chat with an operator in real time and get as much information as necessary in one live chat session. If using the phone to collect information, the customer will be limited in time and may forget to ask about some important details. Through the live chat window, the users can take their time and ask about whatever they need to know. On the other hand, the live chat method makes it possible for the information to be transmitted in written form, which allows the customer to be as specific as necessary and hence get more satisfactory results and even solutions to some less complicated technical problems.

Live chat support with NTC Hosting

All potential and existing users of NTC Hosting services will have the opportunity to chat with a sales representative 15 hours a day. The live chat option is located in the upper right corner of the NTC Hosting site. Simply click the Live Chat button and allow a few seconds for one of our dedicated sales team members to get in touch with you and respond to any of your general and billing questions.

Live Chat Support With NTC Hosting