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2.5-GBIT Network Connectivity

2.5-Gbit Network Connectivity – what does that, at first sight, complicated web hosting plan feature stand for?

What is the Ethernet card?

In terms of hardware, a server is not that different from your local computer having similar main parts, but for a server, the most important piece of hardware, the one without which the server will be useless, is the Ethernet card. Without access to the Internet, a web server will be pointless, since its main purpose is to provide a certain service to users around the word.

2.5-Gbit Network Connectivity

A server, just like most computers out there, is a part of a network. It's a part of a local network of other servers, and, at the same time, is connected to the Internet so that users from around the world can access it. In order to ensure that both users from the local network and everyone else can have a fast and stable connection to the server, we have taken our time to set up each and every one of our machines individually. They have undergone extensive tests in order to ensure that each of our servers has a 2.5-Gbit Network Connectivity capacity.

High-speed connection with NTC Hosting

We have contracts with several of the biggest Internet providers in the US. In front of each of our servers stand a series of high class, powerful Cisco routers and switches. The servers are also equipped with powerful Ethernet cards, which can provide the connection speed we aim for in order to ensure equally fast access to everyone. This is why when we say that we provide 2.5-Gbit Network Connectivity, we are not simply bluffing.