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Phone Support

The phone support service is among the most preferred methods for providing assistance to web hosting users. By contacting your host in real time you can get an immediate response to your inquiries or a helpful advice on how a certain problem can be resolved.

Why is the phone support needed?

The phone support option is a part of any quality Internet related support service. Most web hosting and Internet users prefer to call their provider and ask for real-time assistance on the phone instead of sending them a written message (email, live chat message) and wait for the answer.

The possibility for the customers to make phone calls allows them to discuss a number of things with their ISP or host in real time - from billing/technical support and service customization to upgrading to higher class service package.

Given the fact that those services are delivered on the moment and any interruption in that process will have immediate affect on the users’ web presence, the phone line is the most reliable and fastest way for the user to contact the provider and ask for information or help.

Web hosting phone support advantages

When choosing your Internet related services provider, and especially your host, make sure they offer a phone support option in their customer support package. There are a few basic reasons why you should expect this from your provider. The phone support service:

  • Represents a proof of the host’s reliability. Having a real person on the other side of the line to attend to your request or issue creates the impression of reliability of your hosting provider and proves its physical presence.

  • Offers personal treatment to the customer. Speaking with a representative of your hosting company can have a stronger personal touch than any other support method. The person on the other side of the line is expected to be friendly and responsive, hearing out all you have to say and giving a satisfactory response to your query.

  • Is a most reliable support method. Since all other hosting support channels like ticketing system, live chat, online documentation are web-based, you will lose access to them if your host is having problems with the services delivery. Given your site and Control Panel go offline for some reason, the only way to contact your host and ask for information will be the phone support line.

Despite all its major advantages, however, the phone support service cannot be 100% effective in all cases. For instance, most technical issues require that you provide as much information on the issue as possible when contacting the support team of your host. The more accurate and detailed the information you provide, the greater the possibility for a quick problem resolution will be. Doing all this on the phone does not guarantee the same level of accuracy of the given information as any other method of written support communication. This is why you are recommended to take full use of the phone support method primarily for receiving general or billing information about the host’s services.

Outsourced or normal phone support

Since providing a phone support service is a resource consuming process, requiring that you ensure a qualified customer service team and pay substantial fees for maintaining one or more phone lines, including a toll-free number, most companies prefer to outsource a specialized phone support company. Doing this saves them lots of trouble in hiring the appropriate call centre personnel and setting up the phone lines, and guarantees timeliness and professionalism in attending to customers requests.

Phone Support with NTC Hosting

All customers of NTC Hosting get fast dedicated phone support by the company’s own team of sales representatives. All call center members are a part of the company’s personnel and they keep a real time connection with all other departments. Thus you will be quickly redirected to the right department when your question or query is beyond the competence of the phone support team.